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Bachelor Party Thursday Feb 7th-10th.

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Erich17, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. Erich17

    Erich17 It is a real Obsession

    Feb 17, 2011
    The Woodlands, TX
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Just got back from Vegas from one of my best friends bach party and it was an awesome trip like always to Vegas.

    Overview: Stayed at Mirage, ate nothing special, had a couple trips to gentlemen's clubs and hit downtown for a bit on the last night.

    I had to go into work Thursday morning and get some stuff done before heading to the airport and let me tell you that was along morning of watching the clock and running through some last minutes things. Headed to Houston Hobby Airport around 12:00 to get checked in and have a beer with one of the guys on the trip. Got to Hobby which compared to Bush Intercontinental is a dumb. Who cares Southwest is cheap and I like flying them so it is worth it. Once we got through security we headed straight to the bar at Papaduexs and ordered some amazing Spinach/Crap Dip and Calamari. Head a couple beers and well and got hit with a $75 bill for 2 apps and 4 beers!

    Flight was easy and we landed at 4:00 but had to wait for the rest of our 6 man crew to land at 4:30 so we could all pile in the limo and head to Mirage. Once everyone was in the limo we headed to the annual liquor store stop for some supplies and then the drinking started!! When we got to the Mirage I did the $20 trick to try and keep the Suite we had from MyVegas the entire trip. The girl helping us knew exactly what she was doing, made some calls and smiled and said no problem sir hope you have a wonderful trip! Big Score because this Tower Suite was amazing. 1400 sq foot and amazing. For a bunch of low-mid rollers this was the nicest room we had ever stayed in. Since it was my room I shared with 2 other guys and we had no problems.

    The first night consisted of us walking the strip, drinking a lot of vodka redbulls and corona. We made our way into Monte Carlo to grab some food but the Pub was so full we decided just to do the food court and start gambling. A few of us set on a Pia Gow table and played for a couple hours getting a lot of drinks and pretty much staying even. When we got up we found the bachelor and another guy playing roulette which is not my game of choice unless it is a random $50 on black. He was playing a little bit of the inside and a lot on the outside....said he was doing well but while we were standing there he ran through his entire stack and was really annoyed. After that we headed to NYNY because we all love playing at that casino. Got on an empty Bj table and had a great time. Won a little money and now it is time to head to the Rhino for a little adult entertainment.

    Called and had a limo pick us up and get us in for free, minus tipping the driver, place was packed full of people!! This is a Thursday night and there is barley 4 chairs open in the entire bar. Luckily after ordering drinks we managed to find some chairs around the main stage and started tossing these girls there College Tuition. The money these places make is crazy to me. We all made sure the bachelor was having a great time and always had a girl with him. This is where things go hazy and somehow we end up back at Mirage at 4:30 and on a BJ table. Won a little more somehow and started playing "Is she Working" and had a great time. Called it quits right at 6:00 am.

    Woke up around 9:00 (3 Hours Sleep) can never sleep in Vegas. Got up and went downstairs and met another one of the guys and went to the Sports book bar and played Video Poker and drinking. Only in Vegas do you order a beer at 9:30. Played for a while hot nothing crazy big but won $40. We then headed down to Bellagio with some free comps buffets and it was great. A brunch buffet after drinking all night really hit the spot. One of the guy ordered a Bloody Mary from the bar and when she brought it she said "That will be $18:50" we all kinda coughed a little about a $20 Bloody Mary but he said it was the best one he ever had and screw it its Vegas.

    Now it is time to do some walking and head down to Luxor to pick up our Carrot Top tickets for tomorrow night. As we are walking we stop and play a little at NYNY and as we walk through Excalibur start talking about when the hell they are just going to rip that place down and start over. Honestly that is the nastiest casino on the Strip IMO. They do not even take the time to clean the glass or make it not smell like crap. We got to Luxor and got the tickets then proceeded to the $5 craps table. I played through 3 rolls which all ended in a point made and a 7 out. I told me self get the hell away from this table so I did. The other guys stayed and got hammered!! I went to a BJ table with a couple other guys and once again got railed by the casino....I was pissed and decided to just go wait and drink until they finished playing....well as Vegas does I decided to play a VP machine with a little money to pass the time. Thank god I did. About the 10-15 hand I was dealt 10 Q K in spades. Held them and hit it into a 9 J of spades for a Straight Flush! So close to a royal but hell that got me back to even in Luxor.

    We left luxor and made our way down the strip on the other side of the road stopping at Planet Hollywood, Margaritaville and Casino Royal with nothing exciting happening except for some crazy people on the strip. Now back to Mirage for a nap!! Tonight was going to be an epic one.

    After a solid nap the 3 of us staying in my suite woke up and turned the music up and started partying in the room. Showered, drank and get ready for the night ahead. We all met down at the lobby and took a cab to NYNY to eat dinner at the Sporting House. We had MyVegas $150 credit and if it was not for that it would not have been worth it. We drank some stiff double vodka tonics and our bill for 6 people at a Bar was $300!! Food was nothing special but hey $20 for a meal in Vegas isn't bad. Decided to play some BJ at the party pit because of the amazing blonde dancing on the stage. I am a married man that is happy as I could be but damn this girl was amazing. This kinda leads us into the next part of our night. BOTTLE SERVICE AT OLYMPIC GARDEN.

    Headed to OG for the rest of the night. Had 2 bottle, limo, private booth and vip treatment all for $400 which split 5 ways isn't bad. It was a slow night for them I guess because as wel walked in we were swarmed by women thinking we were high rollers or something. We all loved it there with the bottles but the only issue was the strippers kept making them self drinks and I had to be a ass hole and tell them to stop because that was our liquor and we were there to drink. I am not a back room kind of guy so I spent most of my time at the main stage smoking a big ass cigar and looking at the talented women on the pole. The drinks came strong and often and after a while I am buying lap dances for the bachelor and he is sending some back my way.....things get a little blurry here but all I know is a couple of my guys were gone for a long time in the back and looked pretty drained when they came out. I was not asking questions because this is Vegas and we all know there is no sex in the champagne room. After it was all said and down we headed back to the Mirage to gamble and drink till morning. Got on a decent heater on BJ and called it a night. 6:00 am or so.

    Once again woke up way before I wanted too around 10:00 am. Jumped up showered and headed down for some VP. Sat at a .50 bar machine ordered my morning Gin and Tonic and proceeded to hit 2 Quads and win some money while getting drunk again.....it literally took me 3 drinks to be drunk again after the night before. So when we headed to lunch I already had a good buzz going and was starving so we did the cheapest easiest thing and hit up Chipotle for a belly busting burrito which was amazing. After that we headed to Pallazzos to pick up my friends Sports bet winnings. He won a couple parlays on some basketball and some future bets from an earlier trip and cashed in $850. While I was waiting I played a little VP and hit another quad. We then proceeded to a slot which my friends dad said to play $100 for him on it and see what we won. Played for about an hour on $100 never hot anything great but cashed out $50 ahead. off to Wynn to see if we could see Natedog tearing it up on a craps table or something but never saw him. I did sign up for a players card and got $10 free play and also got over 300 points to spin the wheel for more credit. Out of all the things on that board of course I hit the smallest $10 free play. Whatever I had $20 free play so I played a slot and cashed out $20 richer. Once again the casino was paying me to drink their beers.

    Headed back to Mirage and set down at this BJ table with a couple buddies. We had the craziest BJ dealer. She had multiple personalities, OCD and kept talking to herself....you never knew if she was talking to you or what the hell was going on. It was awesome though because we turned our short stakes in a lot of money. I doubled up in 12 hands and I have a rule once I double my stack I run. Of course my friend stays 3 more shoes and triples his money!! Whatever I was happy went to put $50 on black and hit it....it was time for 1 more drink and to the room to wake up the sleepers and shower. Tonight we had Carrot Top and Downtown. If you have never seen Carrot Top or your not interested in him do yourself a favor and go ASAP. We could not stop laughing and I almost peed my pants at one point. Do not be fooled because you think you know know who Carrot Top is...its was awesome.

    Once our stomachs stopped hurting from laughing so much we ended up downtown for one last go at it. Went to Binions, Golden Nugget and Freemont but only stayed down there for a couple hours and bolted back to the Mirage. Played a little there then hit the sheets around 4 am. One of my buddies stayed up till dawn talking to this girl but couldn't close to deal.

    Final Day:
    Woke up a little later grabbed my last MyVegas comps which were buffets at the Mirage Buffet and then hit the tables for a bit before the flight. Started off at a $5 craps table throwing alone. I love to toss the dice so this was perfect for me but after 3 rolls of point then 7 out I decided it wasn't my day to play craps so I took what I had left and went to BJ. Won it all back and then some in BJ. Had a $50 bet out and of course catch 88...split. The I have an 18 and a 11....double down. 20. Dealers for 5 to 10 to 13 to 23. Bust. Perfect time to run home but not before 1 last ride of $50 on black. Hit it and let it ride...hit it again. Great way to end the trip. Flight home sucked as usual and now I am at work trying to kill time till August when I head out there again.
  2. eviliciouz

    eviliciouz Low-Roller

    Nov 1, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thank you for the TR! Sounds like a fun guys trip :).
  3. gongoman

    gongoman MIA

    Apr 21, 2012
    Long Beach,In
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for your TR:beer:
  4. Nomarian

    Nomarian Tourist

    Jan 21, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the TR. It sounded like a blast!
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