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Aug Trip Report Treasure Island Long

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Packrat1, Sep 3, 2013.

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  1. Packrat1

    Packrat1 Tourist

    Apr 19, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    This was a spur of the moment trip. We had 10days off and went camping 7 of the days sharing the lake with bees and mosquitos. I got the bright idea to drive the 4hrs home, change our clothes and be at the airport in Seattle 2 hrs later to finish off the Vacation in Vegas. We rushed home and barely made it to the gate in time. Got on the plane and started practicing my video poker via winpoker on my computer.

    Had comped 3 night offer for Treasure Island Thur Fri Sat and added one night for a Wed-Sun stay. At first I called to add Wednesday night and was told I couldn't add a night unless I slid the dates forcing me to pay the higher weekend rate and using Wed as my free night. I hung up and called back got a different operator and got the Thursday Friday Sat free and paid $59 for the Wed night.

    Also booked an Alamo Rental car via Costco for $210 total. While at the airport I checked and found out if I rented the next morning after we arrived instead I would spend only $86 total so we elected to take a cab from the airport and I would ride the bus the next morning to the car rental depot.

    A little about myself, my wife and I have 2 rentals in Henderson Seven Hills but they are always rented so we have to use our comps from Video Poker Play to get us rooms. Plan to retire in 3 years and move into one of the homes.

    I can never get enough of Vegas and am always scheming
    on how to get back there.

    Anyway, we got a taxi at the Airport and I told the Taxi driver "fastest route" wife chimes in "Take I-15" and the guy looked kind of quizzical and said "ok". I start playing with my Iphone and what's this we are going through the tunnel getting "tunneled". Well I checked on the taxi.nv.gov/rider info page and sure enough the "fastest route" and the I-15 route are not the cheapest. Lesson learned ask for "cheapest route" not the "fastest route". Because we asked specifically for a different route they didn't have to go the cheapest route.

    Checked in at TI and another problem. I didn't want the resort fee but the clerk said it included the spa/steam room. Since I planned on a steam room visit that sounded ok even though I use my own hot spot for internet. Got to the room and called the spa and found that my free resort fee spa cost an additional $17 so down to the front desk and canceled the entire resort fee. Room was nice I always ask for floor 31 or above with South Strip View. Elevator bank starts on the 31st floor so it wisks you to your floor directly.

    When at Treasure Island we play $1 9/6 Job as thats the best they have and the game has the lowest volitility so sometimes you can play for quite a while. Got settled in and played some VP and mostly treaded water.

    The next morning my wife had to work so I took the Duece southbound bus which stops at the Outlet mall right around the corner from the car rental. (Or so I thought) Once again playing around on my Iphone on the bus I pass Mandalay Bay and suddenly the bus makes a U turn to head back North. I guess the particular bus I was on didn't go any further South so I had to wait for the SDX strip bus which goes to the Outlet Mall.

    I then walked over from the Outlet Mall and got my $86 including tax car rental for my compact car. I pulled the $20 trick at the lot and low and behold I am driving a ford escape instead of a compact. The $20 trick works as long as you make sure the lot guy isn't standing next to another lot guy.

    I then open the sunroof, turn on the Sat radio and drive down the strip in the middle of the day not caring how long it takes and it did take a while. It was great!

    Used coupons for a $7.99 breakfast at Kahunaville and sat outside next to the pool which hadn't come to life yet.

    Later I bought the daybed next to the pool for the day and it was $45 and had a cover. Not as nice as a cabana but way cheaper. Also a tip if you get to the pool after 100pm the rates for cabanas and such goes down at most Hotels. Wife came out later as they had a DJ and the drinks were flowing. We spent the day out there and it was a hoot. Several big bachelor and bachelorette parties were going and they were drinking multiple yardsticks and getting wasted. Later in the day someone had their yardsticks come back up so to speak and the pool was cleared to add chemicals. I had never seen this before but when they allowed people back in the pool they formed a conga line and stirred up the chemicals!

    Ate at the Steakhouse in TI and my wife had a huge Lobster Tail which always is excellent but my steak was nothing special. More video poker and I tried to up my play to the $2 JoB and got my butt kicked. Wife held her own at the $1 level but no big hands.

    The next day I went to the new Tix4tonight at Casino Royale. It was very orderly and I got 2 tickets to Veronic at Bally's. Saved about $30 a Ticket and got really good seats.

    Saw her later that night and the show was pretty good. She really has Christina Aguilera down pat along with several others. Set design was very minimal and there is no live band only tracks but the sound is good.

    Later we played at Green Valley which has decent VP in order to get more room offers.

    My wife ended up making a little this trip but I was down but within expectation (at least in my mind)

    I didn't even let my tenants know I was in town because everytime I do they remember to tell me about something that isn't working right.

    Weather was fantastic and I can hardly wait till Sept to come back. They are having a large Wakesurf competition at Lake Las Vegas Sept 26-27th and we plan to be there to cheer on some local Pros from our area.
  2. charliepeete

    charliepeete Low-Roller

    Feb 6, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    i did the same thing with national i came in on a wed night and i saved over 200 when i came back 12 hours later on thursday morning...
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