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Atlantic City couponing

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Hotels & Casinos' started by VegasSchemer, Oct 19, 2015.

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  1. VegasSchemer

    VegasSchemer High-Roller

    Jan 22, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Hey folks,

    I moved from the West Coast to the East Coast this summer and am thinking about a trip to AC (it's just 3 hours away).

    Vegas is full of tricks to pull to get a good deal on a quick trip but AC is a whole new world.

    Can you give me some advice for rooms, food, shows and gambling? What coupons are out there? Matchplays? 2 for 1 buffets? new player deals? Thanks!
  2. Jerseyguy

    Jerseyguy VIP Whale

    Sep 6, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thats a tall order but I can give you some basic advice. If you play in Vegas and have a track record with casinos that also have properties in AC (such as Caesars ) I'd start there.
    Weekends are much more expensive than weekdays in AC and casino hotels cost more than non if you dont have a gambling record. .
    Theres a zillion hotel websites to check hotel prices on ,one place I sometimes get deals when going to a new area is the coupon books that you find on the highway rest stops.
    If you are a new sign-up most casinos give you a few bucks in free-play. I would also go on the Trip Advisor AC forum,A lot of people on there are really up on deals in AC.
  3. hammie

    hammie VIP Whale

    Sep 18, 2006
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I'm not aware of any coupons for Atlantic City such as found in the Las Vegas Advisor book. The American Casino Guide has one coupon for AC: a bogo buffet at Tropicana, and I don't even think this is open all 7 days.

    The best way to get a deal is to stay mid week, from Sunday to Thursday night. Like jerseyguy mentioned, if you have a Total Rewards card, log into your account and see if you have any comps at Bally's, Caesars, or Harrah's. I believe that the Golden Nugget in Vegas is linking its card to its AC property. Tropicana is on its own, as is Trump and Resorts International. I would check with Groupon for dining discounts. Also, as you drive down the AC Expressway, you may see billboards advertising for loss rebates for new members. Occasionally we get 2 for 1 buffets at Harrah's or Caesars by logging into our Total Rewards account.

    Another way to save some coin is to stay offshore in Absecon or Pleasantville, although you'll have to mind your Pints and Quarts if you're driving. There is a nice Country Inn and Suites in Absecon and each room has a jetted tub. There is a nice Clarion Inn, I've stayed there three or four times. I'm also a big fan of Priceline or Hotwire and if you see a 3.5* without casino amenities, its probably the Sheraton adjacent to the Convention Center. It could possibly be the Chelsea which is an older property but was totally refitted to draw a younger demographic. We stayed there once and it was very nice, would do it again.
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