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Aria October 3-6 2013 TR

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Tonez78, Oct 14, 2013.

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  1. Tonez78

    Tonez78 Low-Roller

    Jul 11, 2009
    The Great Northwest
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Aria October 3-6 2013

    So, Thursday, October 3rd D and I fly out of PDX on a SWA non-stop flight to LAS for my B-day weekend. 5 bucks round trip for each of us from my business miles. First win of the trip! Quick uneventful 90-minute flight with free internet and Dish TV. Upon our arrival to LAS we found the airport to be busy and the cab line was fairly long. We debated limo but cab line moved pretty quickly considering and we were in a cab in probably a little over 15 minutes.

    We arrive at the Aria around 3pm and only 3 couples ahead of us in the check-in line (second win). Desk clerk was very friendly, didn't rush, she made sure she discounted our room for AAA. No more free rooms as I don't go as often as I used to. Dropped our bags off at a beautiful corner suite and headed downstairs to check out a place to meet my old boss and his wife for happy hour. D and I grabbed our first drink at the View Bar adjacent the lobby. Crown Royal (CR) on the rocks and a pomegranate martini for D, 27.00 w/o tip. Met my friend and we headed up to American Fish for happy hour that began when they opened for the day at 5 pm. Screaming deal for appetizers, great tasting snacks, and friendly atmosphere. Friend bought happy hour tab that was around 200.00 since it was my B-day (Score three for the day). We parted ways and I was off to hit the tables. This was the first time ever that I was checked into my hotel and it was 4+ hours before I had gambled on anything. Now D is not a gambler and learned how to play Craps last year so she could play with me. Great woman I have who not only learned to play so she could understand what was going on while she was hanging with me but she is not a big shopper so I guess we could consider that a bonus too. I will not bore you with all the different places we played but we wound up at the Bellagio for our last stop of the night and took them for about 1500 so up about 2k after the first day.


    I won’t bore you with the details of each Craps session but hit the following casinos on Friday; Casino Royale, Harrahs, QUAD, Flamingo, Paris, Caesar’s, Monte Carlo, Planet Hollywood, Aria.

    Started the day at the Monte Carlo getting D a Bloody Mary. We headed over to Caesar’s for breakfast. We ate at Max Brenner’s where the service was superb and the food was very good. 23.00 w/o tip.

    Played on the strip and wound up at P Ho. Played there for a while, Bloody Mary’s at the tables at P Ho were very good and drink service was great. We were both a little hungry so we decided on Earl of Sandwich which was pretty good and a great value! BTW the 22.00 w/o tip.

    The rest of the night we mostly hung out in the suite for some R&R if you know what I mean……….


    Saturday started early and off to the Mirage where I always like to start my day playing Craps with great morning crews of tenured dealers. Arrived and couldn't find my MLife card from the night before. Rrrrrrr head over to the players club but it was too early and the sign stated to head to the High Limit slots for assistance. Small group of folks in there still up from the night before singing dancing and just hopping from machine to machine. Slot attendant tells me that everyone is winning and replaces my card. On my way out I stop at a 10 a spin machine and quickly make 150 profit after 4 spins and off to the craps table I go. I am not much a of a slot player at all but it was a nice quick hit.

    Craps tables were 10 dollar minimums and no one playing except for a couple at one table. I join them and quickly loose. This set the theme for the day until later on.

    Worked my way down the strip and met D back at P Ho. Played and almost forgot to meet for a lunch appointment. Thanks to D for reminding me.

    Met one of my employees who lives/works in LV that is retiring this month. Bought him lunch at Todd English Pub. Service was absolutely terrible. Seated by a young woman who had the personality of a wet mop and could care less we were there. I suspect this is her day job since she doesn’t make enough at night on the pole. Waiter then changed from a very nice woman to a guy who we never saw again after ordering. Food was alright but during our meal the waiter never checked to see if our food was as ordered or if we needed anymore drinks. His next visit to the table was to drop off the bill. I sarcastically commented that we must be done and received no response from him. Finally had to take the check up to the hostess who told me the waiter needed to take care of my bill. I informed her that is why I was up talking to her since I was done waiting for the waiter. She was snotty and rudely took the check out of my hand and said I would have to wait. At this point I was debating asking for manager but she walked off to process the bill. I left zero for a tip that is rare for me but much deserved. I won’t be back.

    D and I visited the Aria pool for a couple of hours in the late afternoon prior to going out for my B-day dinner. The pool areas are nice and plenty of room to find a place to land. A drink each with no food 52.00 not including tip. Slurpee sized Bloody Mary for me and a rum and coke for D. This was a nice time to relax for a couple of hours and then off to our room to change. On our way to dinner we stopped at Javiers for a drink and sat at the bar. D had a pomegranate margarita and my usual CR for 26.00 w/o tip. D said her drink was very good. Service was good as were the drinks. Staff was friendly and chatted us up about were we were going for dinner.

    We arrived at STK and were seated fairly quickly. Seating location felt like we were in a food court, maybe just the open design of the restaurant. The staff was pretty attentive and friendly but our waiter was either having a bad night or just plain didn’t want to the be there. He gave off the impression that his shit didn’t stink and pretty much held that demeanor until the check came and it was tip time. I was not impressed and most likely would not return to this overrated teeny bopper run so called high-end restaurant. We started off with king crab and lobster cocktail appetizers and I had the bone-in filet (14oz) and D had a petit filet (10oz) with blue butter sauce. D didn’t care for the blue butter sauce. Sides were creamy yukon mashed potatoes and asparagus. Desert was a Captain Crunch something, basically ice cream on a brownie with Captain Crunch, nothing exciting. At the end of the meal and upon getting our bill, D mentioned it was my B-day. So Mr. Personality brought us a couple of mini ice cream cones on a tray with Happy B-day written in chocolate, nice touch but a little late in the game to win me back over. Bill was 360 with tip.

    We exited there and stopped again downstairs at the Cosmo for Craps. Earlier that day D and I got killed on craps there but the dealers and atmosphere was fun so we thought we would give it another try, bad idea.

    After we got back to Aria and walked around D played some Craps on a machine (not for me). Hit the high limit slots and got zippo for a quick 500. D finally decided she had had enough and headed back to the room for the night. I headed over to the Bellagio and hit the tables there. Found a 10 table among mostly 15 and higher up tables for a Saturday night so I decided to give it a shot. Descent table and fun bunch of folks playing. Drink service was very good as it had been on Thursday night. Played for about 2 hours and was steadily winning a little. I did okay shooting but nothing great, hit lots of numbers but only made 2 points at the most and can’t recall if I had a roll for 3 points. As I was about ready to call it a night a couple comes up and stands to my left while I was shooting. After I 7 out the man buys in for a hundy. Long story short, he rolled for a good 45 minutes if not longer and I can’t even tell you how many points he hit but it was 10-12. It was funny as this guy was on a heater and hitting everything and his wife just kept asking him to stop so they could go to bed. She had no idea how much money he was making and should have paid attention to his rail. For me, I colored up 2k profit and called it a night after his roll. Thank you mystery shooter as you bailed me out for the day!


    Sunday was basically pack-up, grab breakfast at the Aria buffet, and head to the airport. Airport was busy as always for a Sunday and SWA A-Preferred whisked us by all the lines so we could get to our gate without delay. Flight home was uneventful (which is always a good thing!) and we arrived back in PDX to a very beautiful, clear, warm, fall day with leaves falling.

    Highlights were:

    Aria corner suite rocked!!! For all my trips to LV this was one of the better rooms I have stayed in.

    All cab rides were quick, friendly drivers, and cheap.

    American Fish happy hour was sweat price and great food.

    STK Steakhouse was a steakhouse but not as great as our waiter thought it was but not bad.

    Walgreen's across from the Aria was nice to be able to grab some wine, CR, and snacks.

    Aria buffet was fine but nothing super special. We paid 29.99 each since it was Sunday Brunch but had we paid the normal 18.99 price I would recommend it if you don't want to travel out of the hotel.

    This trip left me pondering the customer service aspect of LV. Granted we didn’t hit a lot of high-end places to eat this time but a customer is a paying customer. Not sure it is appreciated.

    First time I have traveled to LV and not smoked a cigar. Odd and not sure why but did chew on one or two.

    Never saw a Fire Bet hit all weekend.

    Overall lose, less than 1k that is really a final win for me for four days of gambling for two of us in LV!!!

  2. higgiel

    higgiel Low-Roller

    Dec 15, 2012
    Canton, OH
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the TR. Like you, I wouldn't have left a tip for an absent waiter at Todd English Pub. That is so annoying. You had some ups and downs at craps, with an acceptable loss after all is said and done. You'll ge them next time. :wave: -- Lorna
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