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Aria..March 19th-22nd..first trip..first post..

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by GrilledAteeze.., Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. Hey All,

    I have been lurking these forums for several months and have especially enjoyed BeeJays Vegas TRs. At the ripe old age of 30, I finally sacked up and took my maidon journey to Las Vegas with two of my friends. I left Allentown Pennsylvania at 730AM Friday morning and picked up my friend..we then proceeded to the Philly airport for our 11AM direct flight to Las Vegas. The flight was uneventful and a Xanex compliments of my buddy had me feeling mellow. We arrived 20 minutes early around 1PM LV time and I won $8 in a slot machine to start the trip in the black. Me and DC met up with S.Dot who took a different flight by the baggage claim.

    We took a cab to the Aria where we scored a $149 a night promotional rate which including $75 in resort credits. I tipped the front desk guy a $20 to ensure we were on the same floor. I had my own room while S-dot and DC shared a room. The room was very nice and 520 square feet with a soaking tub and huge King size bed. I went down to the casino signed up for my MGM players card and warmed up with some slots. I pretty much broke even on slots so I then played some roulette. I use BeeJays shoot for the moon method but with only about a $1,000 starting bankroll couldn't go as crazy. My first spin I spread $200 out on straight numbers in $10 and $15 amounts and low and behold one of my numbers covered with three nickels hit for $540
    I tipped the croupier $5 and went to the cashier cage for the first of hopefully many times. I then lost $100 in Blackjack and another $50 in slots. My friends were at the pool and I met them at the buffet at 5PM.

    The buffet in the Aria was impressive. Some said it looked like a cafeteria but isn't that sort of what a buffet is. I had some sahimi, shrimp, crab legs, prime rib and Naan. The complimentary house wine was a nice touch and I polished off 3-4 glasses of Red. The dessert options were great and I had some Bananas foster and chocolare covered strawberrys. We then walked out onto the strip and hit up CVS where I bought Sugar Free Redbull, pretzals, hairgel and condoms. DC brought a bottle of Goose and a bottle of Jager for pre-gaming in the room. I went back to the room, showered and changed into my steezy club clothes. Then went to S-dot and DCs room to get crunk.

    We cabbed it over to the Palms...and got in a long line for Rain..we ended up paying $60 a piece to get in and for some reason I think the $$$$ ended up in the bouncers pocket..oh well. Rain was pretty cool with lots of hotties on Spring Break shaking their moneymakers on the dancefloor. I bought the first round consisting of Gray Goose and Red Bulls for $45 or so..the DJ spinning was sick and the fire added a cool element. I busted out some moves on the dancefloor and at some point burned a chick with my cigarette. I apologized and she gave me a hug and I bought her a drink to make up for it so she followed me to the bar and we chatted it up a bit. After I gave her a vodka/bull..she gave me a kiss on the cheek and dissapeared into the club. Frustrated I went back onto the dancefloor and danced like a crazy mofo and got all sweaty. We left Rain around 3AM and I played a few hands of BJ and lost about $100 which frustrated me. We then cabbed it back to the Aria.

    At the Aria DC went to bed and I went right to BJ. I took out $200 and bet it on one hand and won...I then bet $400 on a hand an won. I then played a few smaller $25-$50 bets and my $200 was up to perhaps $875..I then thought fuck it and bet $800 on one hand of blackjack..about what my monthly rent is back in Pennsyltucky and low and behold I got a blackjack and won $1200 plus the origional $800. With two pink $500 chips and ten black $100 chips..I went to the cage. I was so thrilled that I went up to DCs room and woke him up and told him about it...his response was,"That's great I'm going back to sleep". I called S-dot and he wanted to play poker and feeling generous I decided to stake him $150 in a $1/$3 game.

    I bought $300 in chips..$150 for me and $150 for S.Dot. I folded my first 9 or 10 hands and then finally looked down at pocket 8's and being bored went all in. Well my oppenent to my left snap-called and turned over pocket Q's..oh shit..but the poker gods were with me and a miracle 8 showed up on fourth street...ship it holla..I scooped a $300 or so pot and then spewed a little bit and cashed out for about $230. I walked over to S.dots table and he had doubled up. I then decided to play some roulette.

    I always employ BeeJays shoot the moom strategy..I almost always play straight numbers inside..I bought in for $300..put $10, $15, or $20 on about 18-22 numbers..first spin I hit one of my $20s..for $720..tipped the dealer a redbird and then went to the cashier...I then went to another roulette wheel and did the same thing but this time only hit one of my $10 numbers for $360..unsatisfied I bet $25 on a bunch of spots and hit one of those for $900..then I spewed a couple hundred in $5 slots and went to bed around 7AM.

    I woke up on Saturday morning around 11AM and counted out almost $3200..not bad considering I started the trip with a grand and spent a bunch at Club rain..DC called me and him and S-dot were at the pool...S-dot apparently got his $150 starting stack up to about $550 and then lost it all around 8AM. I told him the $150 was a gift and he didn't have to pay me back. At the pool in true BeeJay fashion I ordered a Diet Coke, Pina Colada and a Turkey Wrap which came to about $25..I tipped the hot waitress a 10-spot. The I ordered a round of Miller Lites. The talent at the pool was amazing..hot 20somethings..30somethings..and some Mrs. Robinsons with big fake titties. I hung out at the pool for about 2 hours..then I went back down to the casino for more action.

    I did another $300 roulette spin and won $540 on a $15 straight hit..then gave back about $100 in video Keno..then lost about $250 in BJ..I was steaming and decided to put some of my winnings back in my room. I stuck $2500 in a sock and pushed the do not disturb button. There is a safe in the room but I was too lazy to figure it out. Me and my boys walked out onto the strip and ended up at the Bellagio which was nice but nothing like the Aria. My friend joked that the Bellagio is a nice place to stay if you don't have a job...feeling smug that we were staying in a better place. I really liked the one atrium with tons of flowers and giant bugs..a nice smell to it.

    We went back onto the strip and decided to eat an early supper at fatburger where they offer 5 different sized burgers along with fat frys and skinny frys. They have a 3, 5, 8, 16 and 24 ounce burgers. I had the 8 ounce burger with fat frys and diet coke. We then went into a mini-market for sugar free red bull, 12 pack of heinikin, and some munchies for the room. My friends went back to the room for a nap and I ended up going back to the Bellagio to meet my friend Nate who I went to High School with but just happened to be in town for the weekend after driving 12 hours from Denver.

    In the Bellagio..Nate and his Russian buddys were all playing casino war...I proceeded to lose $100 at that...then went to Blackjack and played a $100 hand..I got AA...pulled out another $100..split them..got a 21 and a 18..but the dealer bust..and I proceeded directly to the cage. When I play BJ or roulette I like to hit and run..I never sit down for a session..I actually never even really sit. I took the new city center Tram back to the Aria...and played some more slots with breakeven results. Due to making max bets on the penny and nickle slots...$3-$10 a pull generally..I was winning and losing the same $150-$200 over and over again creating tons of churn and adding to my players club point balance at breakneck speed.

    I went back to my room to shower. The girls who were supposed to come in from Santa Barbara to meet us flaked out which sucked because they knew a host at XS that was gonna get us in for free..I went to S-Dot and DCs room and pregamed till about midnight rocking out to rap music. I won about $200 in roulette on the way out...then we then cabbed it over to the Encore which is the new tower next to the Wynn. The casino was impressive and all Red with fairly high table limits. We paid $30 a piece to get into XS and wow..we thought Rain was good but XS was a zillion times better and so so so many hotties mainly in for the weekend from SoCal. As I was up a couple stacks..I bought most of the rounds but felt the bars were short-staffed as it took about 20 minutes to get a drink. By the pool there were BJ tables with $100 minimuns and ballers playing multiple hands at $1-$5,000 a piece..

    XS was just so great and the best club I have been to. We left XS around 4AM and I decided to play some BJ..DC is not much of a gambler but he gave me $50 to play a hand and I added $100..for $150 in total...I was dealt 15..but the dealer was showing a 4 and busted..got my 3 black chips..kept 2..gave DC 1..high fived him..went to the cage..and cashed out..Fuck you Steve Wynn...lol..

    We cabbed it back to the Aria and DC went to bed..I played some slots..then had another $540 hit at roulette..went up to my room..put all but $300 in my sock..lost the $300 at BJ..went up to the room..grabbed another $200..turned it into $700 at roulette..went back to my room..put all but $400 in my sock..lost it at BJ, roulette and slots..then went back to the room for another $100.

    I saw S-dot drinking a beer and sitting at a slot but not playing. He apparently lost many many hundreds at casino war...enough that he had exceeded his daily ATM limit. I noticed I was really close to 3,000 points which was good for $50 in freeplay so I played up to that...then at 7AM when the players club opened, I got two buffet tickets credited to my card along with $50 in freeplay and another $10 in freeplay that I didn't redeem earlier. I ended up cashing about $35 of the freeplay in a penny slot..then lost $20 and spent the other $15 on fresh squeezed OJ and a breakfast panini from the Pattiserie. I went back to the room..ordered a porno..it sucked..so I ordered another which was better..Brag..got a $30 HJ..Beat..it was by me..

    I went to sleep around 830AM and woke up around Noon on Sunday. I called DC and he was at the pool. I joined DC at the pool and he was starving. He heard about a good Vietnamese restaurant in Treasure Island. So we walked about a mile plus down there and had shrimp spring rolls, beef Pho and Vietnamese iced coffee which hit the spot. I saw my first $10 BJ table at Treasure Island with 6:5 BJ odds..weaksauce but I played a hand for $10 and got 66..I split them and had two face cards...but the dealer busted. I bought a $1 tip from the dealer to add to my collection of chips I am giving to a poker playing friend as a gift. I gave $1 to a homeless dude and got a kick out of all the people selling water for a buck. If I was in Vegas I would undercut the competition and sell it for 75 cents each as a case of bottled water at Target is only $4. We went into the Bellagio on the way back and DC thought about buying a pair of $300 sunglasses but passed. We then took the tram back to the Aria.

    I won about $100 on video Keno..then lost $200 on roulette..went back to my room and took $200 out of my sock..turned it into about $320 at roulette and I was actually playing thirds and stuff..then proceeded to lose the $320 in two hands of BJ..pissed off and frustrated I went back to my room..grabbed a can of Heinikin from the minibar and took another $100..and walked over to NYNY. I went right to the rollercoaster and it was the best $14 I ever spent. I didn't know what to expect but it had about a 100 foot drop..loop..corkscrew..turns and whoop dee doos..so much fun and I almost bought a souvenir picture of myself with my mouth wide open..yes the O face.

    The crowd at NYNY was so different than the Aria..more middle America. I had a Guinness and watched a band play songs by Billy Joel and Bon Jovi as middle aged folks danced..then I bought a pretzal dog and a frozen absolut citron/pink lemonade..I played one hand of BJ for $15 and won..then won $110 at a penny slot..then lost some of it back. I then walked back to the Aria and met my buddys at the buffet at 8PM.

    I used my two free buffet tickets for me and a friend so for the three of us only one buffet was purchased for about $30. No free wine on Sunday nights but the same great food. I took it easy on the eating and had maybe 5 shrimp, two crab legs, Naan, prime rib and lamb..with sorbet..chocolate strawberrys and some chocolate for dessert. I then went to the room to shower and met Nate and his girlfriend Juli by the craps tables at 10PM. They were staying at the Mandalay Bay and the next day were driving to San Diego followed by skiing in Utah..really living the dream. Me, Nate and Juli had a beer then went to DC and S-dots room as they had never seen a room at the Aria.

    When we entered the room, I showed them the steezy control panel and pushed the lights off button where every light goes off and the shades close..well DC was taking a dump and got really pissed as he was wiping his ass in pitch black and it took like 2 minutes to figure out how to turn the lights back on. Juli had to use the bathroom and DC was like in true Friday fashion,"I wouldn't go in there for 30-45 minutes"..we had a beer and Juli talked about one of her girlfriends getting finger banged in the club..lol..

    Earlier on the strip I scored three passes to XS from some random dude but the catch was it was only before midnight so at around 1130PM we said our goodbyes to Nate and Juli and cabbed it over to the Encore. Our cabdriver took us on the homeboy route going to NYNY first making a right and driving behind the Aria..but the fare was still around $12..we got into XS right before midnight and the pool bar was closed so it took forever to get a drink. Coolio was in the house and this one baller was making it rain. He must have thrown out at least $1,000-$1,500 into the club and I only got 2 dollars and a fat girl almost stepped on my hand when I reached for one on the floor. The first time I ever saw somebody make it rain.

    The female:male ratio was like 2:1 so lots of fly honeys to dance with..DC was dancing with really old broad and having a blast..then we found our way to where this bachelorette party was dancing around one of the elevated poles. These girls were straight up attention seeking trick hoes...wearing the shortest skirts and showing a ton of ass..they kept making out with each other..motorboating each other..pulling each others tops off..and two girls went down on each other..really crazy shit..of course there were a few D-bags who tryed to get on the mini-stage and dance with them and security was not having that..so we just sat back..consumed Vodka Redbulls..Bombay tonics and I had a few shots of Patron.

    We left the club at around 4AM..I played a hand of BJ for $25 and won..Played a hand for $50 and won..got my $100 from the cashier..bought a bottle of water as no cocktail waitresses were around and peaced out. Our cabdriver from Eithiopia was cool as shit and we stopped at the McDonalds drive through on the way back. His stats were 6'4 and 180 pounds so he could spare a few double quarter pounders..I asked him if he wanted anything and he declined. We got 20 nuggets..homeboys were trying to get me to buy 50 which was too much..three orders of frys....and I got a burger for 89 cents as well..

    We cabed it back to Aria..I gave the cabbie $20 on a $14 fare..and it felt so baller walking into a multi-billion dollar hotel with Mickey D's..I went to DC and S-dots room to eat the food..then went to my room..slept for 3 hours and got up early to pack and checkout. I grabbed the souvenir chocolate poker chips from the room as a gift for my parents. Me and DC took a cab at 930AM to the airport and S.dot was taking a redeye that night. I lost $100 in slots at the airport. They overbooked our flight by 7 people and were offering a night in a hotel and $450 in flight vouchers to give up our seats. Ordinarily I would consider it if I was on a skitrip or something but I wanted to get home with my winnings before I had a chance to lose it.

    On the airplane home I signed up for a US Airways credit card because they were giving 25,000 miles for new members which would get me my flight for my next trip to Vegas. We landed in Philly around 7PM..it was raining and I chatted up some college girls returning from Jamaica on the economy parking lot shuttle bus. I paid the $44 for parking and DC had the brilliant idea to hit up Chinatown for dinner. We blazed a bowl..the first one in 3 days on the way into center city..and both had a huge appetite for hot and sour soup, shrimp, beef and squid.

    Wow..what a great trip to Vegas..better than I could have ever imagined and I ended up about two stacks//maybe more considering all the money I spent on food, drink, tips and what not..I played about $7,000 worth of spins at slots based on getting a point for every 47 cents spent and getting about 3300 points..and was pretty much breakeven on slots which to me is remarkable..lots of $200, $300 and a $500 roulette spins...BJ hands from $10 to $800 with most between $25 and $200..and a little casino war..

    I assume I will start getting offers from the Aria and other MGM resorts for free stays and maybe some other things like freeplay, shows and food based on my play..now that my first trip to Vegas is in the history books it's time to start thinking about my return. I would definitely stay in the Aria again..but would slum it at the Bellagio if it was free..:laugh:Anyway you slice it or dice it..I was livin the dream in the city of sin..and I have the sunburn to prove it.
  2. DonD

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    Nov 5, 2004
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    First of all, Welcome to VMB!

    Well done report. I enjoyed every word of it. Thanks.
  3. I am new to the attachments...
  4. breanna61

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    Aug 6, 2008
    Ontario, Canada
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    Welcome to the boards.............sounds like you had a blast and have now joined the ranks of Vegas Addicts!:eek:
    Lady Gaga and Dierks Bentley Concert Trip
  5. unomas

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    Sep 17, 2009
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    Nice report, thanks for posting!
  6. BackInVegas

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    Mar 14, 2008
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    Congrats on the win

    Look forward to more reports.
  7. ez369

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    awesome, sounds like a blast you had! thanks for the report!
  8. denluvslv

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    Dec 12, 2009
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    Welcome to the board. I really enjoyed your trip report. It sounded like you had alot of fun.
  9. SloppyJoe

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    Aug 8, 2007
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    Awesome 3 Card Monty Pic. Will people ever learn?
  10. Marky147

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    Nov 27, 2009
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    Great report, very fun to read and thanks for posting :thumbsup:
    Another month in paradise...
  11. JWBlue

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    Feb 24, 2010
    Irvine, CA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    All that in less than 3 days. That is Vegas for you.
  12. co21ss

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    Jan 14, 2008
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    Thanks for the extensive writeup. Sounds like a great time coupled with some great wins.
  13. VegasBJ

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    Wow, tons of play for a $1000 bankroll!
  14. gotavegasjones

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    Thanks for posting your TR. Good read.

    later, GVJ
    Buddy Trip
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