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April 24-29th -Gambling and Golf (long)

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Slotchick, Apr 30, 2014.

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  1. Slotchick

    Slotchick High-Roller

    Jun 29, 2011
    BC, Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Forgive me I am wordy LOL

    We arrived via Alaska Air Thursday evening. We were in baggage claim waiting for our clubs and I didn't see our driver, so I called the company really quick. The driver called he was behind an accident, so would be a few minutes; not a problem so long as I get to the Luxor in one piece I can wait. VIP check in was a breeze at the Luxor and they checked in the group of friends that were accompanying us on the trip. We always get the same room it overlooks the airport for those sleepless nights where I dream of being in the casino instead of bed and I get a fantastic sunrise to start my day. Offer: Suite for 5 nights, $350 FP and $250F&B.

    This is in two parts in case anyone wants to just read about the gambling or the golfing.


    Thursday night was hit and miss, we didn’t do particularly well, we are slot players and tend to only put our FP and PP through video poker to get the most bang for our bucks. First night we always blow through a bit more than budgeted as the “we are finally in Vegas” vibe kicks in. Nothing notable to write about.

    Friday evening we stuck around the Luxor as we got back late from golf. We met up with some friends and ate at Rice & Co. it was a great meal we all thoroughly enjoyed. It was about 8:30pm before I actually got to get my gamble on. Seeing as how nothing notable occurred it was probably a good thing I didn’t get my gamble on earlier. At about 11:00 pm we did our $100 go big or go to bed. Off to bed in a hurry!

    Saturday was Tough Mudder day and I was signed up to go, but due to an injury I was unable to. I got up and saw the team off to the event and I was so envious they were all so pumped! So what did I do instead?! Of course, Slots!! Our host sought us out on the floor as we were chatting with her DH hit $600 on Buffalo hitting the mini progressive; we told her she would have to follow us around for a bit as she is bringing us luck. We gambled all day at the Luxor up and down but keeping our original budget in our pockets. Between the two of us, one of us was doing something if the other wasn’t it was an unbelievable day. We both sat at the Life of Luxury and DH got all the progressives but the Diamond and I got a bonus that paid almost as much as his Life of Luxury bonus! We play max on the Life of Luxury as we both tend to pick wrong.

    At about 9pm (our day started about 8am! That was one long haul at the Luxor in their tiny casino) we decided it was time to venture to the Mandalay. At the Mandalay I found a Jade Elephant machine and said to DH I was going to play it for a bit, sat down got the bonus about 3 spins in and picked 1 wild on, 3x multiplier and 10 spins! Best picking I have ever done on that machine and the bonus was just under $400 not bad for my $1 bet. I was happy, finally seeing the luck return. We sat and played for awhile then headed back to the Luxor and it was $100 and go big or go to bed! Well, it was to bed quick!

    Sunday we were in Mesquite and we gambled at the Casablanca for a bit, I was up $100 there, DH down $100. Then we went to the Eureka, me up $100 and DH down $100; so we broke even in Mesquite. Notable machines were "Gorilla Chief", "Buffalo" and "Black Knight".

    Monday after lunch with our host we gambled in the Luxor for a bit, moving machine to machine not finding anything to lucky. So I said to DH let’s go check the Lions Share at MGM. He was hesitant as he wanted a nap, but I twisted his arm and off we went. Well, the line up for the machine was crazy, and with the amount of machines in the place I wasn’t going to stand in line. I sat down at a 4 Times Pay machine and did nothing, then saw a 10x Pay so plunked down threw in some money and DH sits beside me and about 4 spins hits $800! Nice! See it does pay not to wait for the Lion’s Share. About 10 minutes later DH hits $1008 on a Majestic Lion machine, he’s got a horseshoe today! In hopes of the Lions Share line going down we headed in that direction as I know there is Pompeii, 100 Lions over there. I sit at Choy Sun Doa and hit a bonus for just under $200. DH did nothing on Pompeii and went to 100 Lions on the other side and comes back with a TITO for $300. I got bored on this machine so I move to the 100 Lions opposite of where he was and hit a bonus for $140 or so, then move to the next machine.

    When I went to sit down at the Whales of Cash machine I almost fell on my butt as I slipped on something, the contents of a ladies purse is on the floor, and do you think I can see any casino workers? Refusing to touch the stuff I stood there playing, waiting for someone to walk by. The server comes by about 15 minutes later and as I’m talking to her about it I get a bonus. Karma I tell you, doing a nice deed and sitting here waiting for security to come pick up this stuff and the bonus paid me just under $500. Anyhow, security didn’t come so the CW took the stuff from the floor herself. She was sweet and couldn’t thank us enough for waiting by it until they could tend to it. We figured MGM had paid us enough and it was time to go exploring.

    We meandered through NYNY and Excalibur playing but not hitting anything and back to the Luxor. I plunked myself at Top Dollar for a bit hitting the bonus and getting offers of $125 and $155 within minutes of sitting down to which I took those offers. I ended up cashing out $750 from the machine before heading off to find something different as I went through $100 with only little hits so it was getting boring and eating my profit. We played until about 1:30 am and decided it was time to head to bed while we still had some cash.

    Golf - not to sure what to post about the golf but here goes:

    First time taking the clubs to Vegas, I’ve only been golfing for a year and have really turned into a golf nut! DH keeps saying he’s died and gone to heaven now that I want to golf with him. We got all the rounds for half price online, which was a great deal.

    Friday – Bear’s Best
    First thing I have to say is WINDY! It was extremely windy 50MPH winds so it made the round interesting. We found the course had little flow to it as the holes were all so different. The houses around the course were awesome to see. It was a nice but we expected it to be a lot tougher. On 16 I ended up in the bunker and holed it! My first ever bunker shot where I did that, that was the highlight of my round; even if it was fluky. DH said it might be fluky but you got to have skill to hit it out of the bunker, so he assured me that there is some skill involved. I shot a 104 which to me is fantastic considering the conditions weren’t favorable. It was a pretty course, but neither of us hads any desire to golf it again. Round: 4 hours

    Sunday – Casablanca in Mesquite
    It was a gorgeous morning and the drive out was smooth sailing. The fairways were wide open and the course is well maintained. The one thing we cannot come up with is a “memorable” hole, it remind DH of a good resort course. We both enjoyed the course and would play it again. It was a great game for me as I shot 96. Round: 4 hours

    Monday - Desert Pines
    When DH told me he was taking me to a Pete Dye course again I was hesitant. He took me to Las Hadas for my first golf game EVER! And that was probably why I didn’t get into golf then LOL Anyhow, it is a lovely course, best of the three we chose to golf this trip. The weather was fantastic the service was great. I did great the front 9 but for some reason lost my flow the back 9. Our cart ran out of juice half way through so we had to exchange it, but other than that no issues. The railroad ties got me! I hit the ball it hit the railroad ties and bounced well into the shrubbery, it was funny as well as frustrating.. but that is golf! DH golfed a great game scoring 74, and my game was 98. We would golf Desert Pines again, it was an enjoyable course; I found it the most difficult of the three. Round 4 hours

    We had a good gambling trip considering we played higher bets than normal, but only because we had some great wins. When we come home with half our budget we consider it a winning trip! For the 5 day trip we earned were just over 120K TCs on the slots which blew me away usually we just hit 100K. Adding golf to the trip was a great move and we will continue to do that as we both agreed it made gambling more fun when we got back. Over all the golf was great, the gambling was fantastic, the trip is definitely rating as one of our most memorable.
  2. auburnu008

    auburnu008 Tourist

    Aug 14, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report. :beer:
  3. La$Vega$

    La$Vega$ High-Roller

    Apr 5, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sounds like a fun trip!
    Thanks for sharing
  4. tringlomane

    tringlomane STP Addicted Beer Snob

    Jan 21, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I guess you didn't read my last TR. :cry: j/k This isn't too wordy for this forum! But you definitely packed a lot of content in your TR. I also wish I could shoot sub-100 on a course designed by Pete Dye.

    Good stuff!
  5. guapoxxx

    guapoxxx High-Roller

    Jul 24, 2007
    Jersey Shore
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Excellent report and nice write ups on the golf courses... Will be there in about 12 days for my golf trip :thumbsup:
    Golf Trip!
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