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Anyone like to talk Coll. Football?

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Chat' started by Jerseyguy2, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. Jerseyguy

    Jerseyguy VIP Whale

    Sep 6, 2011
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    Not gambling but just in general.
    My big issue is all of these teams jumping conferences in their local regions and going all over the USA.
    I know it's all about $ but what about the real loyal fans and players families.
    We're picking up Boise State next year and I know they're a good team but why should their fans have to travel to CT,NJ and PHL? and vice-versa.
    We could have had a great eastern conference if the powers that be got their acts in agreement for once.
    Picture: BC,PSU,UCONN, RU,PITT,WVU,VT,NAVY,ARMY.and Maybe Temple
    Oh Well,too late now.
  2. Someone

    Someone High-Roller

    Jun 16, 2012
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    the Big East is a pretty crazy conference that is for sure

    I put a lot of the blame on Nebraska and Colorado and then Missouri and Texas A&M

    Nebraska basically became obsessed with Texas and everything UT and really just lost focus on how to actually compete and they pulled the give up and ran off with their tails between their legs.....they will become a big no one in the B1G

    Missouri was doing OK in the Big 12, but did not have the guts to try and stay around and actually be something instead of relying on a conference to be something for them

    CU just does not give a shit they should give out free dime bags of dro at their games and have huge bongs in the stands so their fans even bother to show up and maybe they would also stop throwing things and generally making an ass of themselves.....they could collect up old couches and futons outside the stadium in safe burn/riot areas for after game festivities

    at least with CU they did not blame it on anyone else and they do have the academics and the semi-connection to be in the PAC and they pretty much don't have to care about anything but snow skiing and couch burning

    Texas A&M became worse than Nebraska (and I have connections to A&M)...the concept that no one knew them outside of Texas because of being in the Big 12 VS the SEC is because they totally sucked in the Big 12 VS the SEC and although they have great academics they have a pretty inbred administration at both the university and even the system level that just does not know how to market the university especially outside of Texas and some of The South.....they will suck in the SEC and be nothing of consequence for decades

    the PAC kind of set it off as well with their idiot commissioner, but really only CU and Utah had any real reason to jump other than being scared of being left behind and while the PAC is getting decent money their conference pretty much sucks overall other than USC and Oregon and the PAC has pretty much put themselves in the position of not being able to expand in the long term future unless they add teams they have clearly and often very publicly stated they are loath to add...they made a move, they ended up with two nobody also rans one of which just does not care and the other one that will struggle to stay competitive and missed out totally on who they really wanted

    Texas teams in the PAC would have totally and completely sucked from a game time and competitive stand point and I am glad all of that failed completely

    Pitt and SU jumping to the ACC will relegate them to also ran status and pretty much guarantee they will never sniff a BCS or a "play off" game probably ever and the ACC is just stuck with more dead weight

    can't blame WVU for moving to the Big 12 once the BE was falling apart and they and TCU were the best choices of the available teams for the Big 12 although I would have preferred 3 Texas teams in the Big 12 VS going back to 4 with TCU

    also the Big 12 commissioner probably could have taken Free Shoes U and Clemson or VT if he had been aggressive when it was all going down instead of working to keep idiot run schools like MU and TAMU in the fold....he should have told them GTFO and then called Clemson and Free Shoes immediately VS talking with BYU and ND

    ND who cares what they can do they will rot in the ACC just like in the Big East for the last decade+ and I am glad....the ACC will get tired of their crap as well eventually when it makes scheduling suck and when the ACC has to add yet one more spare to get to 16 teams with about a dozen spares

    the Big 12 needs to get back to 12 or they will suffer the same fate as the PAC did at 10 playing a 9 team in conference schedule.....you do not build conference strength beating up on each other in conference you gain conference strength beating up on other conferences and then you bring that back to your conference....the PAC is even more stupid still playing 9 conference games when they have 12 teams AND a conference championship....talk about giving your conference an opportunity to cost itself opportunity

    I wish the Big 12 would figure out a way to go to 7 conference games and 5 OOC and then beat up on other conferences.....at least the SEC stayed at 8 conference games even if 14 teams with only 2 BCS spots just makes the math bad for teams to make a BCS game....that is the strength of the SEC they rotate teams in the BCS games and rotate teams playing for and lately winning national championships

    that was one downfall of the Big 12 with Texas and OU pretty much doing most of the "work"

    with the BCS gone soon it will be interesting to see how all of this plays out now, but I can't see conferences with over 12 teams or with more than 8 conference games being at an advantage and I think they will be at a disadvantage

    I have no interest in Louisville or Cincy in the Big 12 and with the 50 million dollar buy out for the ACC now that makes it hard for the Big 12 to add quality teams, but I think if things get bad enough for the ACC Free Shoes and Clemson and maybe VT and one other will look to go to court to break that and claim it was forced on them against their will or that it is overly punishing and they will probably win/settle out of court for much less (like 20 million) and be gone to the SEC/Big 12

    it will also be interesting to see how SEC attendance holds up with old rivalries broken and with Bama and LSU really pulling the weight right now and Florida and Auburn and Tennessee and UGA having fallen off and or struggling to stay relevant or get back to old glory no matter what they spend or who they hire

    I think the PAC is going to struggle as well with rivalries broken, California (the state) being broke and the teams they added either not caring or not competing

    I respect the PAC administrations for their desire to limit spending on athletics and I respect Stanford for fielding so many dominate spare sports, but at the end of the day USC and Oregon are it....one cheats like wildfire and one spends and spends and spends some more....UCLA Cal can't match that because of being public UC schools, OSU, WU, WSU and AU and ASU realize it is not smart to try to match that and Stanford has admissions requirements in the way...Utah is still not a wealthy school and CU is taking bong hits and burning couches and collecting a check until snow season

    it is pretty messed up right now and looks like it will be for 13 years with the PAC, Big 12, and ACC all locked into pretty tight agreements, the B1G is fading fast with only tOSU looking like it can be competitive long term and NU looking like a perennial 9 loss team and MU just not getting it done and WU and MSU just never able to elevate themselves to national respectability year in and year out....and then there is PSU....:eek::poke:

    so it looks like college football is locked into some bad conference configurations right now and with the BCS breaking up it us unknown how bad it will get (probably won't get good or better) and I think that the teams that are dominating now even in the SEC and B1G will probably continue to do so and same with the PAC.....the Big 12 MIGHT be able to rotate between teams getting things done like the SEC used to, but they will need to get out of a 9 game conference to do so somehow

    sorry to go on so long haha I am watching the Pitt Louisville game right now waiting for UT OU (Hook'em)
  3. Criminole

    Criminole Low-Roller

    May 21, 2012
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    Four teams leave (i doubt Iowa State, KU, KSU had any options) and it their fault and not Texas? Texas has the refs in their pockets and still can't win anything unless they have Vince Young. I am sure Texas misses Nebraska as that was the one team they could beat. OU 20 Texas 2.
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  4. ken2v

    ken2v This Space For Rent

    Sep 18, 2003
    Central California Coast
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    Win The Day!
  5. Joe

    Joe VIP Whale

    Sep 11, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Hey, what are you doing back here?:evillaugh But if you're back for a while, always good to see you wit and advise.
  6. MikeOPensacola

    MikeOPensacola VIP Whale

    Sep 26, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    National championship final four in football in two years

    I like the idea of having a final four type tourney in a couple of years. However, I feel very strongly that for a school to even be considered for the final four they must belong to a conference ( that means you ND) and more importantly that conference MUST have a conference championship game (that means you Big 12). Granted, ND plays a tough schedule year in and year out, and I am an ND fan, but free passes just because they are ND need to end. It is not fair to teams that have to go through a conference championship game to have another team in the tourney who did not. I have no problem with a situation like last year with two teams from the same conference being in the four team tourney. My only stipulation would be that if two teams from the same conference make the final four they MUST play each other in the semi final game,regardless of seedings. Just some thoughts of a huge college football fan.
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