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Aliente.... Anyone stayed there?

Discussion in 'Off-Strip Hotels & Casinos' started by Bradr19, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. Bradr19

    Bradr19 Newbie

    Jun 24, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I'm taking advantage of a Groupon and staying there in August.
    Wonder if the $20 trick would have any benefits.
    Anything special I need to know?
    Any close bargain shopping for my wife?

    First post on this board.:beer:
  2. Joe

    Joe VIP Whale

    Sep 11, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Not a whole lot to do around Aliante. Golf course across the street. A couple of strip malls.

    Just so you know, Aliante is about 17 miles from Fremont St. and about 20 miles from the Strip.
  3. ItsJustMe

    ItsJustMe Low-Roller

    Oct 12, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I stayed there once for 5 days in Dec 2011. Very nice hotel, similar to Red Rocks and M. Rooms are a bit on the smaller side but very clean and modern.

    Be prepared to drive a lot. No shopping nearby - even going to the grocery store means a couple miles drive. Its 18 miles/25 minutes to the Premium Outlets near downtown and 24 miles/30 minutes to the Strip.

    I spent too much time driving while staying there. Didn't want to go back to the room to rest during the day since it was too far away. After going back to the room didn't want to go out again since everythings a far drive so ended up spending too much time at the casino.

    The price was right so I stayed there, but probably will not again. Time and convenience is more valuable to me.
  4. azplayer

    azplayer Tourist

    Jun 18, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Here's a trip report from last August I posted on another board. We liked the casino but it is FAR from the strip------

    Wish I could write that we won a ton, but we didn't. It was still a very interesting, and fun filled trip. Hope the details don't bore you too much!

    On the way there we stopped at Harrah's, on the strip, to eat. Have a bunch of credit so we both ate the Sunday brunch, and it was yummy!! Spent a few bucks gambling but nothing, so off we went.
    We had three nights,comped, at the Aliante Station which is out in the boonies. Way out! They call it North Las Vegas but I think that is just so the locals feel part of something. Having said that, we enjoyed it there. It is not nearly as nice as Green Valley Ranch or Red Rock, but is a nice property. For you swimmers, the pool is salt water and very clean, plus the Jacuzzi is open 24/7. A nice ending to a long day! The rooms are compact but very modern, complete with large flat screen, wi-fi and tons of pillows, and very clean! Two minor drawbacks, just a shower in the bath, we knew in advance, and a refrigerator is an extra charge. We didn't need the fridge but my wife does like a good soak. Anything we wanted cold was just iced! Can't complain at all as the price was right. There is a resort fee of $16.95 @ day but that was credited off without asking. There were a lot of Air Force people staying there as Ellis is not too far away. Just having them there adds a feeling of extra safety.

    The casino is not huge but a decent size and has a nice mix of machines. We decided that we were going to take small wins and not chase anything. Worked quite well but there aren't any exciting stories to tell. I did have a great run on the machine pictured here. Played for over 4 hours at $1 a spin and ended up winning $42!! But I did rack up over 3500 points! Ended up with two more free buffets, for both of us, and I now ONLY need 32,000 to move up to platinum. Are we high rollers or what!!!

    Got up early Monday, ate breakfast (free buffet) and headed downtown. On the way there stopped at the Cannery. We have visited the East Side Cannery but this was our first time at this one. Nice casino with a very good assortment of machines. Spent a couple hours there but nothing exciting happened. One thing to note, this casino is near Ellis Air Force base and the jet noise actually drowned out the casino noise. It was great! I love the sound of freedom.

    Headed downtown. Parked in Binion's Garage where they say the first 3 hours are free and then $1.50 @ hour. That isn't so---parked for seven hours and the girl at the booth took our ticked and said thanks, no charge. This has happened here twice so it must be their policy. I think it's a good one!

    Well, we hit Binion's, Four Queens, Golden Nugget, Fremont, and D. Had a lot of fun but, again, nothing to brag about. Make sure you visit the pool at the Golden Nugget. A 30', completely enclosed, water slide that goes through a shark filled tank, plus a two-story pool area. Wish we would have brought our suits! Almost talked my wife into riding the zip line, almost! Back to the Aliante.

    Spent about an hour in the Jacuzzi and then devoured a Johnny Rockets cheese burger. They make a darn good burger! Off to the room as we have another big day tomorrow.

    Up early again and of to the buffet for breakfast. Decided to spend the day on the Strip. First casino was Circus Circus. Haven't been here for years and little has changed. They were fairly busy and I noticed a lot of families. Things stay the same! Gambled for a couple hours and then headed next door to Slots-Of-Fun. What a big disappointment. We used to love this little dump for exactly being that--a dingy dump, filled with older machines and characters. Not now. Still dingy but wide open with the same machines as everyone else and added tables. There goes the neighborhood!

    From there we visited the Riviera, the Palazzo and the Venetian. Spent all of 15 minutes in the Riviera, just felt weird. Had never been to the Palazzo and their property is something else. Between the palazzo and the Venetian we spent about six hours and actually won a few bucks. The Venetian was jammed packed and this was a Tuesday afternoon! They have a funny layout as there are very few machines in rows. Sets of machines are set in islands. Nothing bad, just different. We both like the Venetian, it had a positive "vibe"!

    Back to Aliante and a visit to the buffet for dinner. These were comped and the first dinner buffet we had here. Everything was fine except they had roast beef but no prime rib. Nothing fancy but we don't need fancy. Off to the Jacuzzi again for a relaxing soak. I might have to get one of those!

    Up Wednesday morning, clean up, pack up, and check out. Load up the car and then our final breakfast buffet. This is our fifth buffet in Vegas and didn't pay for one. At least not directly!

    Decided to visit Green Valley on our way home. This is our favorite casino and will be our destination next visit. Don't get me wrong, Aliante is a nice place but if you don't have a car it would not be a great place to stay. The casino is not that big but the pool and Jacuzzi are super. The food court has something for everyone. A visit to the movies could also be on your agenda. We did ask for a room facing the Strip but there aren't any. The rooms face east and west only. A Strip view would be a nice touch, even though the Stratosphere is about all that can be seen.

    All in all we had a great time. Didn't win but kept our losses down. The whole time we never cashed anything over $100. Cashed a good many $30-50 titos, just nothing to brag about. Oh well, maybe next time!

    Sorry, no photos--they are lost in space!
  5. suecasey

    suecasey Low-Roller

    Jul 16, 2006
    North Las Vegas
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    "No shopping nearby - even going to the grocery store means a couple miles drive"

    For the sake of accuracy, I have to correct this. CVS is right across the street from the casino. And just 2 blocks away is a strip mall that includes a Smith's supermarket, Lee's Discount Liquors, and several banks.

    There's also a mall about 2 miles east of Aliante, just off of the 215 beltway (N. 5th St. exit). It includes Kohl's, Home Depot, Target, and lots of smaller stores. It takes about 5 minutes to get there from the casino.
  6. lasvegas_limo_driver

    lasvegas_limo_driver Vegas Guru at Infinity

    Apr 19, 2004
    las vegas, nv
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    Aliente is a nice small off the beaten path hotel and casino. If your doing something on that side of town its great, but if your going to be going to the strip more days than not, you will spend more in transportation than its worth. Rush hours going to and from is a parking lot. If your looking for cheap look at Palace Station.
  7. sura83

    sura83 Low-Roller

    Aug 12, 2012
    Rochester, NY
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    We have stayed there two or three times in the past, and DH is disappointed we're not staying there on our upcoming trip. The rooms are more than adequate for our needs, and the bathroom is very nice, although not a lot of counter space. The showers have glass doors which I absolutely loved - so much so that when we remodeled our bathroom I decided I had to have them. Silly, I know, and I'm still wondering how they keep them so free of hard water spots since I don't seem to be able to :). We enjoyed the pool very much - quiet, with comfy lounge chairs and frequent, but not annoyingly so, drink service. Not sure what kind of gambling you enjoy. We don't play table games, and I prefer the older reel-type slots which they only have one small bank of. Their dining choices are adequate, although for breakfast I think your only option would be the buffet. It is a fair distance from other casinos, but we find it a nice change for a couple of days to spend more time at the pool and less in the casinos. Also a good starting point if you have a car and plan to take a day trip to VOF.

    LOCALGAMBLER77 Local Las Vegan

    May 1, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Live right near the Aliante


    I live right down the street from the Aliante and I have also done a staycation or two there. First, sure it is a ways from the Strip (but frankly not that far) in the scheme of things. Coming from a big city before moving to Las Vegas, I don't think a 25 minute drive is very far. Anyway.

    The rooms are very very nice. But the suites are beautiful. The bathrooms have incredible jacuzzi tubs (not the regular ones, but huge ones with many features), and the televisions are enormous (the largest I have seen in Las Vegas in a hotel). So, I love watching a few movies while I am there.

    The pool area is quiet. I love that. You can rent a daybed for $40 even on the weekends (I am sure this varies, so check).

    The gambling is good. I do okay at the Aliante. As a local casino, it tends to pay a little better than the Strip. If you gamble quite a bit during the day, go to the card club and ask for a MRKT comp. You will probably score one. MRKT is a very nice restaurant with a great bar (where you can eat or drink). On the weekends, there is entertainment there for free. There are also 14 movie theatres there within the casino.

    Exciting? No. But if you want a quiet gambling vacation, this is the place.
  9. scottydoog

    scottydoog Low-Roller

    Sep 7, 2009
    Birmingham, England. But born and raised in Bonny
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Looks like a nice place, will maybe check this out next time I,m in Vegas and have a car, dont know if I would actually stay here though?
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