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ADT or Trip avg question + new property experiences

Discussion in 'Comps' started by gamblersruin, Aug 2, 2015.

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  1. gamblersruin

    gamblersruin Low-Roller

    Jun 20, 2012
    SF Bay Area
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Let me start off with my question: do Golden Nugget and Cosmopolitan use more of an ADT system like CET, or an avg trip like Mlife? It occurs to me that if you don't mind jumping hotels, it may be worthwhile to spend just 1 night each at ADT properties to take advantage of offers while concentrating your gambling efforts.

    With that out of the way I haven't been on this board much since the birth of my daughter, but I thought I'd take stock of my cumulative experiences and share them, so bear with me. Since I started going to Vegas a few years ago, I've been trying out most of the strip and even downtown properties to see if I could achieve a balance between liking a property, novelty, and getting maximum punch for my gambling dollar I visit about 5-10 times a year with play consisting mostly of $25-200 table games (BJ, Craps, LIR) and $1-5 slots, with a bankroll between $1-5k for an avg 3-day trip. On a side note I do believe sometimes I play too high for my bankroll, which affects my playing time and thus theo. Higher limits are always more exciting unfortunately, I'm sure many here can relate.

    I started with MGM because I liked their properties the most, and was initially mostly a BJ player, but quickly realized my play did not get much beyond 2-3 free nights at the lower properties with maybe $100-200 in freeplay and resort credit. I have definitely noticed of late the funneling play level-property activity I've read about here, as hosts from the Luxor and NYNY have been in touch with those offers despite playing mostly at the Mirage and having a host there from one high-playing trip early last year. I got to Platinum around then but will probably lose it this October.

    Tried slots at CET due to hearing of their easy room comps, which turned out to be true. Playing $1 slots will handily get you free rooms at any property, and they unfortunately for me sealed the deal with a quick jackpot my first time seriously playing slots. The hotels aren't the greatest imo, and their flagship CP is too sprawling for me. Eventually I was contacted by a wonderful CET marketing executive (not host) who has always accommodated my room requests. PH, Bally's, and Paris have become my mainstays. I am a low Diamond and hope to maintain or exceed that this year due to good fp offers ($3-500), nice treatment,free shows and celebration dinner.

    I love the V/P & Wynn properties but they're too high end for my purposes and I don't like where my money goes there.

    Signed up at the Tropicana last year as I was curious being a Hilton Diamond and did some decent gambling. Never got any offers and haven't been back since.

    Stayed with a friend at Cosmo recently, and remembering that they may be loosening their comp practices, I gambled one day earning over 3000 identity points to see what I'd get. A few weeks later I got a mailer for 2 free nights + $400 fp. They're a pretty hot/nice property so it may be my Mlife substitute from now on.

    Stopped in at the SLS on the same trip as I heard good things from a friend and I actually liked their casino. Really friendly craps dealers, and a cool multi-tiered hand VP game I got hooked on. Threw in some random play including slots and tables, but have yet to hear from them. Their rooms don't look too shabby so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing if they throw anything my way.

    I have tried Boyd (Orleans, Fremont, Cal mostly), the D, and Plaza. Since they were always at least 3rd tier to me due to subpar properties I let my offers dwindle down to the basics.

    Was going to have a low-gambling trip earlier this summer ($1k br). Golden Nugget had revamped their players club early this year, and has been sending teaser offers (room+$100fp) despite not having gambled there in years, and very little at that. I decided to take advantage of the offer and have been roped into the GN system through decent hotel, more casual feel, and a tier-matching which hooked me up to Elite from Mlife Platinum. Also randomly walked in on the next trip while showing a friend around downtown and they handed me a blender.:evillaugh

    I think that about wraps it up, but I'm just wondering how to structure my future stays, hence my question about ADT vs. trip average Unfortunately I like mixing it up between properties so I don't get bored, and my activities vary widely depending who I go with. I figure if I limit my stays at CET when I'm by myself to 1 nt, I get my FP while maximizing my ADT, and then move on to other properties? Does that even make sense if hotel-hopping inconvenience was not a factor?
  2. DaiLun

    DaiLun R.C., L.C., and A.A.N.G., but N.A.H.

    Apr 24, 2014
    San Jose, CA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    IMHO, it all depends on where you like to play.

    I'm pretty much a dedicated slot player, and Cosmopolitan is a little "too small" for me. By that, if I'm doing poorly, there's literally no place to go. At least with CET or mLife, there are other casinos to go to.

    The same thing with restaurants, one casino, you might "use up" all of the restaurants, but, if there's one that you don't get tired of, then that's OK.

    I have migrated from mLife to CET this year, and keep V/P as my backup on the strip.

    I have migrated from the D to Downtown Grand since my host moved.

    Just my .02
    Lake Tahoe/Reno for Thanksgiving, showing these 2 properties some love
    Las Vegas - $2900 Free Play, $159 R/T, couldn't pass it up.
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