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ACG Coupons for Trade

Discussion in 'Coupons & Sweepstakes' started by K-9treatbaker, Oct 4, 2013.

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  1. K-9treatbaker

    K-9treatbaker High-Roller

    Jul 16, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    Since I will be going to Las Vegas, solo, Oct. 26th-Oct.30th I have a new ACG book with all the coupons in it.

    Most of the coupons that are in the book, I can't use, since they are bogo.

    If anyone would like to trade SWA drink coupons for some of my ACG coupons I can accommodate. Or other Vegas coupons if not SWA drink coupons

    Coupons I will not use in the ACG book are:

    1. Arizona Charlies 2/1 Buffet QTY:2)
    2. National Atomic Testing Museum 2/1 admission
    3. The SPA at Bally's (20% off the salon)
    4. Bighorn casino ($5 matchplay)
    5. Bighorn casino (2/1 lunch or dinner entrée)
    6. Bighorn casino (2000 slot club points for new members)
    7. Binions (2/1 Famous hamburger at Binions café)
    8. Bonanno's New York Pizzeria (bogo pizza) Qty: 2
    9. Matt Gross (10.00 off regular price tickets
    10. Chapel of flowers (Wedding Package Bonus)
    11. Clarion (20% off room rate)
    12. Calrion (2 free drinks at casino bar)
    13. Clarion 20% off at the Bistro restaurant
    14. DIG THIS (100.00 discount)
    15. El Cortez (2/1 Room offer)
    16. FLAME steakhouse (50% off)
    17. ELLIS ISLAND ( $5 matchplay)
    18. Emerald Island Casino ( 2/1 Entrée)
    19. Flamingo ( 2/1 tickets to Burlesque)
    20. Flamingo (FREE spa pass)
    21. 4 Queens ( 2/1 lunch or dinner at Magnolia's)
    22. Mike Hammer comedy show (2/1 tickets)
    23. Gold Coast ($5 matchplay)
    24. Golden Gate ($25 Free Play for new members) Qty: 2
    25. Golden Nugget ( 60.00 in poker chips for 50.00)
    26..Golden Nugget ( 10.00 slot play for new members)
    27. Golden Nugget ( 2/1 buffet, breakfast or lunch)
    28. Hard Rock ( 10.00 free slot play & 10.00 matchplay)

    The above are the ones that probably are the most popular. I have many more, since my book is new and if you can do a trade and don't see the coupon you want, please ask me.

    Hope this will help me and other members on this board. :)

    Send me a PM message.:nworthy:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.