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A Quick Vegas Trip 4/27-4/29

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by colpuck, May 23, 2013.

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  1. colpuck

    colpuck Tourist

    Apr 2, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    March rolled around and I was needing a break from work. I ask the GF if she wanted to hit Vegas, she passed. A week later she was like "when can we leave."

    I forgot how I did it but I discovered something called "MyVegas" which over the following four weeks I turned into 2 tickets to "Love" and 2 Adventuredome passes.

    Being a Hilton Diamond member and detesting resort fees I booked a Studio at the HGVC on Karen near the LVH for 85.00 for Saturday night and I hotwired the Mirage for 80.00 on Sunday night (plus their stupid resort fee).

    I also grabbed the BOGO for the Paris Buffet off of Groupon.com

    The GF worked until 6pm and then it was a 4hr drive to the strip. Rather than take my car I rented from the local Alamo place. I got a Toyota Corolla as a "mid-sized" car. I hated it. Well it was what it was and we made the drive from Flagstaff to Vegas without problems.

    We got to vegas a little after 10pm and we were both pretty tired. I however wanted to hit up the nearest MLife desk to grab players cards to make getting tickets the following day easier. We hit the Mirage grabbed our cards and hit the Harrahs FC across the street for some Panda's express.

    The HGVC upgraded us from a studio to a one bedroom as a result of my diamond status nice to see them doing it. I think they heard the Elara stopped doing it and they saw an opportunity to pick up guests. The room was nice enough and we had a westerly view away from the strip.


    Got up early hit up starbucks, Chase bank and then headed over to Ellis Island for some breaky. I went with the chicken fried steak and eggs and it was goood. After that we headed for the Mirage to grab our Love tickets. I tipped the valet guy something extra to keep the car out front because we were just ducking in. We grabbed the tickets and headed for Circus Circus and the ADVENTURE DOME....

    Circus Circus is the most depressing large hotel and casino on the strip. The Adventuredome was equally depressing, we rode the major rides and then headed out. The GF wanted to check out the MM shops so we headed to PHo for her to shop and for me to play craps.

    I hit the craps tables at the Pho and I was making my normal bet. I play the line with full odds on the six and eight, ratchet back the odds for the other points, and two-way the hard 6/8 when those are the point numbers. I was mostly down for the session but not a lot. The GF got done shopping and we headed to the Cosmo for some secret pizza.

    On our way out the casino I thought I bumped into one of my former coworkers from a previous job. I was took zonked out to say anything so I texted him to see if he was in vegas and he confirmed he was. Sweet we made plans to meet up later. After pizza it was time to check-in at the Mirage so we headed back over there. The GF wanted a nap so she slept and I went to hang out with my old co-worker. He and I met up next door at ti. I got there first and played VP at the bar, never saw a bartender to comp me drinks. He and I picked up 7.00 coronas from the ti giftshop and I thought about phoning LVPD to file a robbery complaint. We hung out and then parted ways in the Venetian.

    GF was up and we headed to dinner at Paris. The Paris buffet was good but obviously not as good as Caesar's or Cosmo's which we had previously tried. That being said they had the best deserts of all time. After dinner we hit the BJ tables where I lost and then I moved to Pai Gow where I lost some more. Crap, I couldn't buy a win on this trip. The pai gow dealer kept yelling at me as I would fumble cards. A$$

    We headed back to the Mirage and saw Love. This was my first Cirque show and we loved it. (see what I did there :wave:). We stopped by an empty Mirage craps table where I bet and the GF tossed the dice. We hit one hard eight and left up about 50%. Then we discovered the greyhound racing game over by the deli and had a blast screaming at digital dogs.

    Monday had late start due to the long night. I went over to Harrahs and told the GF to come get me when she was ready to leave. Had a decent run at craps, still lost money. I Switched to playing the pass and adding up to 3 come bets all with max odds with the occasional two-way hards. After reading a few of Natedog666's trip reports I snatched up my odds when the dice went off the table. First time it worked the shooter got the dice backed and sevened out. The second time the shooter hit the point and the dealers were jovially giving me crap about taking my odds down.

    The stickman deciding to be real funny tapped where my odds were and asked "you see what happened there?" I responded in kind "Damn right I do, I won $5.00." :thumbsup: (yeah that's my name Mr. Low ...Mr. lowlimit here)

    Around that time we packed up the car and headed off strip to our favorite Dim Sum place Orchid Garden. We ate some Dim Sum and hit the road.

    Pai Gow lost
    BJ lost
    Silly greyhound game lost
    Craps Pho lost
    Craps Harrah's lost
    Craps Mirage won.

    Total losses about $200.00. We had a blast though. CET has started sending me offers, nothing big but they have seen play in KC, PHX and Vegas so they must think I'm pretty loyal. Though if what the other trip report said is true, I'm going to take my serious craps play to the GN.

    Oh I don't game at Mlife places mostly because I think the green chip minimum sucks.

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