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A long report about a short weekend at Encore

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Ortizme, Apr 6, 2014.

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  1. Ortizme

    Ortizme Tourist

    Sep 1, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    The trip started with a conference in Phoenix… why wouldn’t you fly the extra half hour afterwards to Vegas? So I did. Solo this trip. Flying in Friday and leaving early Sunday. Left the ground at Sky Harbor at 12:57 and landed at McCarran at 1:40 on Friday afternoon. I was able to snag my favorite seat—fourth row, on the left as you go down the aisle, in the window. I had arranged a basic sedan from Presidential as usual, but this time the driver was nowhere to be seen when I got to baggage claim. Bag came out at 1:58, I retrieved it and found the driver talking up some woman. I was slightly annoyed at this, but who cares—I was in Vegas! We went down to the parking lot and he walked me over to a lovely white stretch! Had a good chuckle about the pimped-out ride and off we went to Encore.

    It took about 15 minutes to check in—pretty crowded, as expected on a Friday. The front desk person was professional and cordial as always. Got the furthest easterly room on the floor—very quiet. And, on the lower 30’s of floors, not a lot of stops on the elevator—this bank of elevators starts at 31. As I unpacked I thought about what a feat it is for Wynn / Encore to keep their rooms so clean and shiny—the hotel is almost 5 years old and it still looks brand new. Inside the rooms and around the property. As I unpacked I found that the room safe was locked from the previous guest. Security came up and found a credit card and some other papers in it, but no cash. They took it all away—I hope the owner gets them back if they’re important.

    Headed down to the casino around 3:30 and played video poker and until dinner at 5:30… finished up $1,300 for the session. On $1 triple play Bonus Poker, hit regular quads three times, for $125 each time. And on $5 single play Bonus Poker, hit quad Q’s for $625. Went to Mizumi and ate at the Robata grill. I ate and I ate, ordering eight items… all were good but the standout was the Brussels sprouts appetizer from the regular menu. Finished with mochi ice cream, which was too large to finish, but delicious. After dinner, played for a while more… hit quad deuces on $1 triple play deuces wild for $1,000, and on $1 triple play BP hit quad 3’s for $200 and quad 10’s for $125. Went to bed around 9:30pm (still on East Coast time) up $1,400 for the day.

    Woke the next morning around 5am—a rare great night’s sleep in Vegas. Watched the sunrise—one of my favorite Vegas activities. Before the advent of the popular nightclubs at Wynn, it was so fun to get up early and play in the empty casino. Now there are drunks everywhere until around 7am. So, I just went down for coffee and some shopping in the drug store before hitting the gym. Went for a 3-mile run on the treadmill at 6:30. It was mellow and peaceful, and the machines are so nice, like running on a cloud. I had always wanted to check out the spa, so that is what I did. I plunked down the $40 as a room charge, and got a quick tour from the attendant. It is such a spectacular place—unbelievably posh. There were maybe five other guys in there so I pretty much had the place to myself. I ran up to the room, collected my clothes to change into, and headed back. Tried the waterfall showers, followed by the huge whirlpool, followed by the suggested regimen of steam, sauna, whirlpool, cool and cold plunge, and heated chaise lounges. How relaxing! Well worth the $40. Showered, dressed, grabbed some complimentary soothing tea and fruit, and went back to the room. I could have gone back to bed after the spa, but with limited time in Vegas, I went down to the casino at Wynn and Encore. Played higher-limit slots ($3 to $20 a pull) and video poker. Did ok on the slots, but no great wins. On VP, was dealt a wild royal on $1 triple play deuces for $375, hit 4 9’s on $5 single play BP for $625, and a wild royal on $5 single play deuces wild for $625 as the only noteworthy hits of the morning.

    As I posted in the Comps section before this trip, I feel like my host has been under-comping me… I’m usually good for at least 7,500 points / day and all I’ve been getting is a free room and maybe some free play—no food or Tower Suites upgrades. This trip was a regular room—no FP or anything else upfront. As I was playing this morning, a very nice host was making the rounds in the Wynn casino, and she offered a couple playing next to me a comped room for the rest of their trip. The couple asked me if they should take the host up on the offer to move from TI to Wynn. I said of course, and answered a bunch of their questions. That host came over while the couple and I were talking and I had a chance to ask her some questions about all of this. We had a good talk and she convinced me to stick with my host. My host was very attentive after that experience, so I am sure the host I talked to (who I think may have been some sort of supervisor) relayed my concerns to my host. To finish this thought, I made a real effort to beef up my play this trip. First, my bankroll is larger than normal, and second, I wanted to see if the increase resulted in greater offers. At the end of the trip I went to the Red Card desk, and they called the host on duty who took off all the food on my bill—about $180. In total, I earned 21,000 points over the two-night stay. Doing some decent slot play (not just VP) helped get the point count up and I’m hopeful this will result in better offers. We’ll see what they offer me on future trips. I will keep all here posted.

    Went to the buffet for a late breakfast / early lunch, which was swift and tasty. After that, went to do some shopping for the family at the mall across the street and at Palazzo. Played quite a bit more that afternoon, mostly $5 single play BP, with the only mentionable hit quad 3’s for $1,000. It was dealt! My winnings were dwindling, and I was about even for the trip going into dinner. They had some deal going on where you collect tickets to play for freebies—free play, show tickets, etc. I won five tickets and got to spin a wheel of sorts five times. I won $60 in free play and two buffet tickets. It was fun.

    For dinner, I first went to SW to eat at the bar and watch basketball, but they changed their menu and nothing on it appealed to me. So I wandered over to Country Club, which I hadn’t been to in years. It was very quiet for a Saturday night. I ate at the bar. There were two bartenders, one was a nice woman and the other a surly man. The food was ok, nothing memorable. One thing I did afterwards which was pretty cool is grab two strangers in line at the buffet and paid for their dinner with my freebies from the wheel spin. They were grateful and I felt good about doing that. After dinner I played more VP. Good hits included quad 7’s on $5 single play BP for $625 and quad 3’s with a 2 kicker on $1 triple play DDB for $800. I went to bed Saturday around 10, down about $2,000, but that was after paying cash for about $500 worth of gifts.

    It was a short sleep and I was awake at 5am. I played a while in the morning, braving the late-night crowd, with no good wins. In fact I lost another $2,000. Between my points and the free play I won the day before, I had $270 in free play, which I parlayed into $400 cash. I put that cash down on my room charges, which left me with a balance of about $750 on my room (I had charged some gifts to the room). Presidential picked me up promptly at 8am and I was at the gate 30 minutes later. It was a quick 4-hour flight home.

    Thanks for reading and I hope to write again for my next trip, which should be in October.
  2. VDMTom

    VDMTom Low-Roller

    Sep 13, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice quick trip. Thanks for posting.
  3. Joe

    Joe VIP Whale

    Sep 11, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report!

    Quick & four hour flight, do not go in the same sentence.:poke:
  4. guapoxxx

    guapoxxx High-Roller

    Jul 24, 2007
    Jersey Shore
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Excellent TR and very nice of you to hook those 2 strangers up with free buffets! :beer:
    Golf Trip!
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