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A Late July 26 - Aug 3 TR to Vegas

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by surfside, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. surfside

    surfside Tourist

    Jul 11, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Hi Everyone..

    Sorry for the lateness in this TR. I have been busy since getting back home from Vegas. I went for 8 days with the wife and some friends. We did not play (win) anything of note, so I will skip the gambling part and focus on the hotels, foodies and entertainment aspects.

    July 26 -
    Flew on SW, and scored A 32/33 from Houston Hobby, leaving at 11 am. Flew to San Diego and changed to LAS, scoring A 22/23. Arrived LAS at 2 pm, and after getting our bags, was welcomed to a very large line for cabs! Felt like it was worse than 6 flags! Saw a couple argue with the cab boss, and were quickly arrested. Dunno what it is was all about, but I wouldn't want to spend my holiday in Clark County Jail!

    Took a cab to the TI and told the cabby surface streets, he asked if I wanted back streets, and I said sure. Said about 120k ppl in vegas for a convention and the strip was crowded. Not a problem..cost 18 bucks for the trip to the TI and we encountered another line at check in. Took about 30 minutes, but eventually made it up to our room on the 20th floor. We had a great view of the mall and traffic! Room was pretty decent sized and the bathroom was nice. No issues with the room. TV was a bit small though but not a deal breaker. Only used it to watch Olympics in the am or before bed.

    Ate a dinner at Kuahnaville in the TI with a groupon and not happy with the service. Asked for my teri steak to be well done and came back med rare. Was a softee and didn't ask for a replacement as I was tired and not worth the hassle.

    Bumped into friends right outside, and we went across the street to the V and Pazallo to sightsee. Wow, what an incredible piece of work both these places are! Enjoyed looking around and taking in the sights. Went back to the hotel around 11, to meet up with some other friends who were flying in late, and then finally to bed around 2 am.

    Friday - Ate breakfast at the TI Buffet with the 2/1 coupon. Slowwww service. Never got my juice refilled. Food wasn't that bad, but cmon, fill up the OJ or water at least once please! Went to the V for poker tourney at noon and didn't do well. Oh well, thats ok.. Had dinner at the V food court and not bad fake chinese from some kinda wok grill.

    Headed over the the Mirage for the 7 pm tourney and busted out 13th of 34 ppl. Had a late snack at the California Pizza Kitchen. Really enjoyed the Mirage poker room..fast service from the CW and plenty of food options near by and the rest rooms weren't a half mile walk either. Decor was pretty good too and the dealers were nice as were the poker room supervisors. Good times!

    Called it an evening around 4 am! (we went to casino royale to play VP and drink 1 buck ritas/beer) Woke up around 9 and had breakfast at the Mirage Buffet with a LVA 2 for 1 coupon. Wow, much BETTER service and food compared to the TI. Enjoyed my brunch! Went across the street and stood in line for the tixfor2nite, to get some tickets to the wax museum and Blue Man group for later that night. Paid 188 total for 4 tickets! Not bad.

    Saturday afternoon was at the Wax Museum..not bad..wasn't worth the full price admission fee (i got half off) but had a good time looking at everything. Went to the "B" after this, and had a WOW moment at the Conservatory! Wow! Took in all the sights at the B and then walked over to CP and my wife had a WOW moment! (I had already been there before)..Got some an incredible chocolate shake at Max Brenners (7 bucks!) and then ditched that after 3 sips for a 180 octane at the Fat Tuesdays a few doors down! Headed back to the TI to change clothes for the 7 pm Blueman Group performance. Barely made it in, was anxious to for it to begin! I was sorely dissapointed in it! The wife and I were both restless and it wasn't what we thought it would be. Not worth the ticket price. Just seemed to droned on forever and forever. Oh well, YMMV of course!

    Back down to the Poker room for a tourney and busted out early. Back to the TI around 1 am.. watched the Ho Patrol in front of the building vomit into a trash can..security quickly came and kicked em out. Played some slots and VP until around 3 am but no big scores.

    On sunday, went to the Mandalay Bay to register for my conference (Mon - Wed) and then had lunch at the MGM. Went to Coke World and MM World. Waste of time! And the prices! WOW..14 bucks a lb for MMs? Are you freaking crazy?

    Back to the TI, changed and then went downtown! Fremont Street was happening! Had some Hawaiian food at the Cal (cheappp and reminded me of when I was living in Honolulu!) Was messing around DT until around 1 am. Back to the TI on the bus! Was funny watching all the drunk folks..

    Checked out at 10 am and quickly took a cab to The Hotel for my conference stay. Lets just say there can be no comparison between the two properties! Wow the MB/HOTEL resort! Incredible! LOVED the room at The Hotel. Large bathroom and everything! Just a great stay. Good food choices in the MB..Ate dinner at Red and White and thought the prices were a bit high for the menu fare. Was like they are upcharging just because you in the the MB; 17 bucks for a grilled sandwhich? Are you kidding me?

    Wont bore you with the conference details..did very little gambling. Had a lunch at Miyazos and not bad. Had a dinner at China Grill and was even better. Good happy hour prices and great menu selections. Spend the night bar hopping in MB. Minus 5 was good service and drinks! Found a fat Tuesdays near Luxor, had a drink but went back to Minus 5..staff was outstanding and watched Olympics while putting down their cold mixtures.

    Breakfast at Mandalay Bay Buffet..pretty good food and good service. More convention on Tuesday..after it was done, went back to Minus 5 and got pretty drunk. Met up with friends and went bar hopping..almost passed out at Taco and Tequilla joint in the Luxor. OK food and not sky high prices. Finally went to bed around 3.

    Wednesday was last day of convention.. checked out and went to Ballys for our last two days. First impression of Ballys: Smokey joint! Damn, felt like smoke from the 70s was still lingering there! Got a north tower room and it wasn't too badl Had a small couch (ugly color), small pillows, but a decent sized room. Bathroom was the smallest of the 3 hotels we stayed at. Enjoyed the pool at Ballys and pool side drinks weren't too expensive. I liked how Ballys was connected to Paris though!

    Paris was good..ate the La Brassiere Burger place..not bad..had a 2/1 happy hour drink special, so got a very STRONG cosmo! Wow..no holding back on the booze! Went to NYNY that night, and hung out..won some small money playing slots..ate at the deli .. not bad getting some good tasting kosher food. Hit Krispy Kreme around 1 am at the Excalibur and then walked back to Ballys.

    Wanted to eat at Paris Buffet for thursday am, so we woke up around 9. Were greeted with the longest line I have ever seen for a buffet. I mean this thing must have been a half mile long. No freaking way am I going to wait an hour or so for a buffet! Headed over to Wicked Spoon at Cosmo (no line) and had a the most fantastic brunch! Incredible food options and service was very good. Servers wouldn't let our glasses even get half way empty! I was thrilled with the Asian station! Yummy Kalbi ribs! Cosmo, you rocked my world! After lunch, walked over the Planet Hollywood and let the wife shop at the miracle mile mall. Had some drinks at Sin City Brew place, and watched USA in water polo. Not bad drinks! A bit pricey though at 8 bucks for a 12 oz cup? WTF? PHO was pretty good looking casino. Played some VP and cashed out 50 up. Wife played deal or no deal and cashed out 25. No biggie..

    Went back to Fremont that night to play at Binions,..played a poker tourney and busted out 62nd (of 132)..went all in on pocket Qs and got called by two villians..one with 55 and the other JK off and lost to JK who rivered a straight!

    Stayed at Fremont most of the night and went back to the hotel around 2. Went to Paris Buffet the next am early and I have to say, this was the worst breakfast I had all week. It sucked! Checked out around 11, left my bags with the bellhop and then went to lunch at Aria. Had some crepes for 6 bucks! Not bad..Back to Ballys to retrieve bags and headed for the airport and home. Was 12 bucks from Ballys to the Airport via cab. Not bad at all.

    In all, I had a great time. Plenty of sight seeing, plenty of drinking frozen drinks and not losing a boat load of money gambling. Will go back again in November and this time, no convention. Will just play poker!
  2. Candy Apple

    Candy Apple VIP Whale

    Mar 15, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    So Paris STILL has mile long lines. I won't waste my time.

    Thanks for the trip report...it wasn't that late.
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