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9/2-7/2012: Palazzo-Caesars-Orleans - Too Fast

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by flabola, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. flabola

    flabola Tourist

    Apr 17, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    This is long, might be too detailed and boring for some. . .great memories for me.

    Sunday, Sept. 2
    My husband, son (age 18) and I arrived on Frontier Airlines from New Orleans around 4:00 p.m. This was our first time to fly Frontier and we departed the plane in a section of the airport I’ve never been but like – with our carryons we walked right out the doors and around the building to catch the car rental shuttle.

    Although I had read the reviews on Yelp, TA and even their Facebook page and had an idea of how bad it was going to be, I rented a car from Payless Car Rental for $98.45 for the week, which was over a hundred dollars less than all the other companies (I kept checking every day up until we left). We waited in line at Payless for close to an hour. None of the other car rentals had a line. The sales people take a long time with each customer, and we could see they were laughing, joking and trying to get on the good side of the customer (I assume so they could get them to purchase extras).

    By the time we were called to the counter to be helped by James, I was not in a mood to laugh and be talked into getting extra stuff, and it was obvious by my facial expression. James made a comment about trying to get me to smile, and I do have to say I was happy my mood wiped the smile off his face. First off, he told me he would recommend that I rent a hybrid. I asked him if it cost more, and he said yes, so I said I just wanted the car I rented and no extra stuff. He said he was sure I would want to take advantage of the $2.99 prepaid gas offer. No, I did not.

    He printed the document for me to initial and sign, and one of the things for me to initial was roadside assistance that he had added as an extra charge despite me telling him no extras. When I saw it, I told him I did not want it and at the same time found out he had charged my credit card for the amount of the car including the roadside assistance, which I did not want, so then he said he would credit my card for the amount of the unwanted roadside assistance. I told him I did not understand why he would charge my card before I agreed to it. He said that’s how they do it.

    That experience bothered me so much that I woke up the next two mornings shuddering with James’ goofy face in my head. And I had a fear like never before that something was going to happen to that rental car! I was afraid to drive the thing (but I did)!

    We checked in the Palazzo for three comped nights, $175 free slot play with an offer for “an exclusive Grazie menu for two” at Table 10 restaurant. No resort fee was charged.

    After putting our luggage in the room (21731 – view of the mountains opposite the strip), we walked to The Forum Shops to eat at the Cheesecake Factory because I had a gift card that I forgot to use last time I was in Vegas. We hadn’t been there in three years and could not figure out how to get around on the second floor at first so after much unnecessary going up and down the escalator, we saw what we had to do – walk all the way around on the second floor to get to the other side. By the time we got to the restaurant, my left foot was throbbing. I dropped my hair dryer on that foot that morning and it felt bruised across the top and bottom.

    While we ate (for me, spinach & artichoke dip and chips, my son got the grilled porkchop dinner - which he did not like and wasted - and my husband got the jambalaya), I kept my throbbing foot propped up on a chair. I used the $25 gift card and we paid another $35 or so for the rest plus tip.

    Afterwards, we walked very slowly, me shuffling my painful foot in my five inch wedge heel back to the hotel with a stop at Walgreens for some water, gum, gummy bears and sunflower seeds. That was a hard walk. I was scared I would be in pain for the rest of the week.

    I put my foot on ice for a little while in the room, but that wasn’t going to hold me back from my free play! I used my $175 in free play on penny games in the section closest to the Grand Luxe Cafe, turning it into $400 cash, which I split with my husband (and we split $400 in cash I brought), drinking Michelob Ultras and ending the night with $360 in my pocket.

    Monday, Sept. 3
    Yay! My foot was not in pain anymore. All I can figure is that high wedge shoe had something to do with it, so I wore flip flops for the next couple days just to be safe.

    First stop, Ross Dress for Less. I wanted to go there (not that big, messy Ross near MGM but the one on the other end of the strip, past the Wynn) to get some socks for bowling and whatever else caught my eye. Then we drove to the Orleans for my husband to check in using an offer for a comped room with $50 food credit and a coupon we printed for $50 free play. If we had not looked at his B-Connected account online, we would have not known he had these offers because they did not come in the mail, and we have never stayed at the Orleans. These offers were based on his play at Imperial Palace in Biloxi, MS. He did not have to pay a resort fee since it was comped.

    At the Orleans, we ate at TGI Friday’s (son and hub each got a cheeseburger and fries and I got the Jack Daniels grilled chicken sandwich with fries). I saw a Michael Jackson game right outside the restaurant so went and played and quickly lost $20 while waiting for food. I went into the spin bonus one time and got $4.00. There are also random bonuses – one that makes two reels wild and another that puts wilds in different places, and those are fun, but I did not get any good wins. In order to use the food comps, hub had to charge the food to the room, and we used $34 of the $50 comp.

    Afterwards, my husband went in the casino to play while son and I went upstairs to the movie theater and saw “Lawless,” a movie based on a true story about three brothers who made and sold moonshine. I had no clue what kind of movie it was going to be before going in, and I enjoyed it very much. The theater is huge and was pretty full. I wonder if it’s full all the time or if it was because it was Labor Day.

    Son and I then went to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and each got a coffee, a rice krispy treat for him and a caramel apple for me and went to our room. My husband sent me a text message wondering why the show was taking so long, so I called him and told him we were in the room. I decided to go meet him in the casino and play awhile (son stayed in the room watching TV) before we did our next activity, bowling. I lost my remaining $340, mainly on Wicked Winnings III, which was giving me nothing but I was determined to stay on it, and what a big loser I was for doing that. I doubt I’ll ever play that game again. I like the vibe at the Orleans. My husband saw someone win on 3 deck video poker. They were dealt a royal flush for all three hands, and he thinks they won at least $10,000.

    At check-in, my husband was given some coupons, one of which was buy one game of bowling, get one free so we were able to use that coupon for all three of us, and we played two games ($3.00 for one game and $3.00 for shoes, total $18): 1st place - husband, 2nd place - son, so you know who came in last place. We had a lot of fun bowling.

    Then we ate at the Orleans buffet. When we got there, it was 20 minutes to 9:00 p.m., and that's when the buffet closed. I was surprised it closed so early. My husband charged $16.00 (using what remained of the $50 food comp) to his room, we got the discounts for using our B-connected cards and he paid the remainder (about $9) with his B-connected card.

    Back to the Palazzo we went. I sent my son upstairs with our Ross bags while my husband and I played the penny games. I could get no wins tonight and after taking out $400, giving my husband $200, and quickly losing my $200, I went to him to take out another $400 to give me $200 more which I quickly lost. Then I talked (begged) him into giving me $20 and I played next to him for at least an hour, so that $20 ended up lasting me longer than the $400 I had earlier. After finally losing, I gave up and rather than going upstairs to bed, I sat there yawning and yawning while watching him play Kronos while he sipped Grand Marnier (his newfound favorite drink).

    Tuesday, Sept. 4

    At 5:30 in the morning, our room phone rang. I didn’t answer it because I figured it was somebody calling the wrong room. Right after that, I heard a knock on the door and I said “Yes?” and it was a security guy who said our door was wide open and he was going to close it. I had fallen asleep right away last night, so my (drunk) husband must have left the door wide open when he went out to get ice! I’m glad we weren’t robbed! Or like I told my husband, "I'm glad nobody stole me!"

    We drove to Ellis Island at 11:00 am to eat an early lunch. We all got the steak special. My son got french fries and husband and I got the baked potato, which I thought was delicious. Son didn’t like the green beans which I piled on my plate. That was a lot of green beans. I ate about two.

    Drove to Caesar’s to check in on an offer I had for three free nights and $275 in free play. I went to the diamond check-in, was checked in right away and without asking was given room 4274 right there by the elevator facing the Bellagio fountains. After checking out the room, I went and got my free play coupons, had my card swiped for the Great Race Rewards and split the free play with my husband (well, he told me to take $25 more than him, so I had $150 in free play).

    We also got the listing of shows to which I could get two free tickets as a diamond card holder. Penn and Teller were on the list, and Wednesday was the last day of the week for their show. The guy at Caesar’s Total Rewards counter said he could give me a voucher for the show but I would have to go to the Rio to see if there was availability because he could not guarantee that. So I decided to go to the Rio tomorrow morning to check on that.

    Left my husband at Caesar’s and went to NYNY so my son could ride the roller coaster. At NYNY I wrote a check for $300, giving my son $40 for the arcade and bought the all day ride pass for $25. While he was riding the roller coaster, I went and played a pirate penny game where the minor progressive was over $45 and blinking away. Every time I see a game that is getting close to the progressive win, I have to play it, but it’s never a simple matter of putting $20 in and immediately getting the progressive. I sat there and played that same game the entire time and finally after about $150 in I got the progressive at $48 and change. I was going to be playing something anyway while waiting so I figured I might as well stay on that one.

    My son called and said he wanted to eat a slice of pizza in the NYNY food court. He was feeling dizzy from riding the roller coaster four times. He used to never feel like that when he would ride roller coasters, so I guess as you get older that starts happening. He thought the pizza was going to be full of long, stretchy cheese like he’s seen on NY pizza on television, but it was the same type of pizza you’d get in the food court at any mall, except of course, double the price. I told him the feeling he was having was the way a person feels when they have a hangover. That is a horrible feeling – I felt bad for him!

    We had thought about moving to Caesar’s Palace that night but since we still had one more night at the Palazzo, we decided to stay there. Also, I had reservations for 6:00 p.m. for my son and I to eat the free meal at Table 10. He was feeling so bad he wanted to go to the room and sleep before eating, so I drove back to Palazzo, and while he slept for an hour, I went to the player’s club and got $35 in free play loaded onto my card, a flag light-up necklace for earning 500 points and a black shoulder bag for earning 5,000 points. I played one of the Buffalo games by the entrance to the casino and went into the bonus right away getting $85.00 (with 3 wilds but no buffalos).

    My son met me and we went up the escalator to Table 10 for 6:00 p.m. We could choose two courses and a dessert. We both chose Emeril’s New Orleans Gumbo for the first course, Great Lakes Whitefish (heirloom tomato, dungeness crab, cucumber sauce) for the second course and Chocolate Mousse Cake for dessert. They brought out a roll and some butter and then the gumbo. My son took one bite of the gumbo and said he was feeling too dizzy to eat and felt like he needed to lie down, so I told him to go to the room and rest.

    I called my husband who was at Caesar’s and he walked over to take his place. That was a long walk for him, and I was sitting by myself for a while. I told the waiters what was going on, so they put the gumbo and fish under a heat lamp in the kitchen until hub got there. They also brought him out a new roll when he arrived. They obviously misunderstood our dessert order because rather than the Chocolate Mousse Cake, we were given the Pistachio Cheesecake. I didn’t say anything since I felt like I had already caused enough commotion. Neither one of us enjoyed this meal, especially the bland cheesecake. I bought a $14.00 margarita which was small and had very little alcohol so I regretted buying that. But, it was a free meal, besides the tip.

    After eating, my husband and I went to the room to check on my son. He was feeling much better and enjoying watching a marathon of “Friends.” He asked me to go to Walgreens and get him some more gummy bears. My husband wasn’t too thrilled, but he walked with me. I found it was simple to get off the elevator on the second floor and walk through the Palazzo shops to the entrance on the Strip, go down the escalator, and Walgreens is right there. We brought the gummy bears and more sunflower seeds to my son and decided to walk to Caesars Palace.

    We entered Caesars using the shortcut on the non-moving walkway and tried taking some pics of ourselves. I don’t know if the moving sidewalk is broken or just never moves anymore. We went and played some penny games where my husband had been playing earlier before he ran to meet me at Table 10, in a section near the high limit slots, and drank a couple Bud Lights. I used my $150 free play and I think I made close to $150 in cash.

    On the way back to the Palazzo, my husband was hungry so I called my son to see if he wanted something to eat , but he didn’t. We walked into IP to see if there was anything my husband could eat and that’s when my shoe broke. My favorite pair of flip flops with “BeBe Sport” written on the sides, that I’ve been wearing for over three years. I guess they don’t last forever. So there I was doing the shuffle foot walk through the casino to one of the stores in the back where I found a pair of Las Vegas flip flops for $14.00. I walked out, threw my beloved broken shoes in the garbage and put on the flip flops. We ended up stopping at Walgreens and my husband got a delish gourmet meal -- corn chips and a chicken salad sandwich -- to bring back to the room and eat.

    Wed., Sept. 5
    We packed up our bags checked out of the Palazzo on the TV to make sure the balance was $0. We really enjoyed staying at the Palazzo. Drove to Orleans for my hub to check out and make sure the balance was $0. My son and I got a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha coffee and doughnuts from the Java coffee shop. First time we had breakfast all week.

    We drove to the Rio to check on the Penn and Teller tickets. I went to the Total Rewards counter there and got my voucher and then walked over to the box office and got my tickets. Although the paper listing the available free shows said seating would be general admission, I was given great seats (Row G, seats 3 and 4) on the left side of the theater – nine rows from the front. This was a big relief, because I had been thinking we would need to arrive an hour before show time so we could run in like wild animals and grab seats.

    We left my husband at the Rio to catch the shuttle back to the Strip, and my son and I headed out to go visit the Hoover Dam. I have a bad sense of direction, and the directions I had said to drive East on Flamingo to get on interstate 155, so after driving up and down Flamingo about four times, I finally realized I needed to continue further along on Flamingo, opposite of the Rio, to get on interstate 115.

    I was speeding along like I knew where I was going after that, until I told my son it seemed like we should be at the Hoover Dam by now and he said we were in Arizona. I had driven across the new bridge! I was getting scared thinking I was going to have to drive two hours into Arizona before I could turn around because there’s not a whole lot of exits in the mountains. Thank goodness right up ahead there was a turnaround on the road, so I took that and then as we headed back to Nevada, I saw the signs for the Hoover Dam. Neither one of us had seen signs for the Hoover Dam when we were driving from Nevada.

    We first stopped at the memorial bridge and walked up the steps to it and then walked about halfway across the walkway on the side of the bridge, taking pictures of the dam. We then went to an overlook area and saw Lake Mead. Finally, we went to the Hoover Dam. I passed up the paid parking and found a free parking spot on the opposite side (back in Arizona again). We enjoyed our time out there and took a bunch of pictures which do not capture the beauty at all. After leaving the Hoover Dam we stopped at a gas station in Boulder City to get a Coke, shared a bag of Funyuns and my son ate a Snickers.

    I called my husband who was playing cards at Harrah’s. We had planned to go eat the Rio buffet, but I was thinking we would go around 4:00 pm to get the lunch price for the dinner buffet, but my husband said dinner started at 3:00 pm. So I drove to the back of Harrah’s and picked him up. Can you tell, we are not big food people, and we really don’t like to pay for food if we don’t have to?!

    We got to the Rio before 3:00 pm and found out dinner started at 3:30 pm but decided to go on in because we were just wasting time waiting around. I used an ACG coupon for $5.00 off each person and my husband used his Total Rewards card to cover the rest. My son was full from the Snickers and Funyuns, and I wasn’t as hungry as I could have been had I not eaten some Funyuns, but we did eat some stuff. We always eat at this buffet, not that it’s that great, but it has some great memories. It was the first place I ever tried sushi, back in the early 2000's. Little did I know back then that their sushi is nothing compared to the sushi at a good restaurant, but I have liked it since my first taste there.

    After eating we headed to Caesars and brought our luggage to the room. My son wanted to continue watching the “Friends” marathon, so I went into the casino to play for a while before we had to leave for the Rio to see Penn & Teller. My husband and I were supposed to go to the diamond lounge and have some drinks, and if we did that, my son and I were going to walk to Harrah’s to take the shuttle to the Rio, but we never made it to the diamond lounge, and I figured I might as well drive because I was enjoying playing the slots and we wouldn’t have to leave so early.

    I played all the Buffalo games at Caesars that are in a circle (closest to the Forum shops). I finally went into the bonus and got three wilds (playing max but don’t tell anybody) and cashed out enough money to bring my husband (who was playing video poker at the bar) $120 before I left to go meet my son to walk him through the casino to the parking garage and on to the Rio. Rather than take a right out the parking garage towards the Strip, I took a left on Dean Martin Blvd. and went a back way to the Rio. My sense of direction was actually working that time.

    We enjoyed Penn and Teller very much. They are funny and amazing. I laughed so much. Afterwards, I got a picture with Penn. He says to everybody who steps up to take a picture with him, “Hey Boss!” He also said to me, “Are you posing or did you just want to touch me?” or something like that. I said, “Both.” I’m not sure if he said that because I put my arm around his back? So I hope I didn’t offend him by putting my arm around him. Maybe I was just supposed to stand there while he put his arm around me? Hmmmmmm. . .

    My son was hungry for McDonald’s so I drove up Flamingo hoping I’d see a McDonald’s sign and lo and behold I did, so I got the only thing he ever eats from there, two plain cheeseburgers, one small fry, a large sweet tea and a barbeque sauce. Back to Caesar’s and my son walked back to the room with his food while I went and saw my husband who was still playing video poker at the bar. I went back to the penny slots and played the regular Wicked Winnings which kept going into the bonus and cashed out $240 after putting about $100 in. My husband came and found me and I was disappointed he had lost his money. He had been playing video poker at the bar at Caesar’s for hours. I sat and played Van Hausing (I love this one and Little Red) for a while, not wanting to go to bed. When I eventually went up, our door was open. My drunk husband forgot to close the thing again!

    Thurs., Sept. 6
    Last full day, gotta make it a good one! We walked to Harrah’s and ate the buffet using the 25% off ACG coupon and used my points for the rest. It was breakfast but they started putting out lunch while we were there.

    Son and I left hub at Harrah’s and walked to H&M in the Forum Shops then walked to the Bellagio to see the conservatory. We made the long trek to the tram in the back of Bellagio and rode it to City Center and went to Crystals We walked in there a few minutes, but the stores are for the super rich, so we did not enter any of them. There are some cool looking tornadoes in big glasses in one section of the mall.

    We then walked next door to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. My son wanted to see what it was like so we took the elevator to the 23rd floor (there is a bench to sit on in the elevator), thinking we would be able to take pictures from the windows. The guest elevators are located on that floor along with a couple of restaurants/bars, so we could not get near the windows. We went in the very nice bathrooms. They have small rolled up towels to wipe hands on rather than paper towels. We thought that was pretty cool.

    We walked to the MGM, first stopping at the Grand Canyon store to get a bottle of water (2 for $1.00), and the lady checking me out said if I paid for cash it would be $1.00 or with credit card it would be $1.54. So I paid with cash. I asked her if I paid cash for anything else in the store, would it be no tax and she said yes. I didn’t buy anything else in the store to validate that though.

    We went out the back door of that store and entered MGM. My son was hoping he was going to see pictures of movie stars all over the place. We walked through the entire casino floor and did not see one picture of a movie star. He noticed the Rainforest Cafe and kept saying it would be really cool to eat there on our last night in Vegas.

    After MGM we walked to Walgreens where we got more gummy bears. I stopped at a place right by there and got a margarita daiquiri for $5.00. It must have only had a splash of alcohol in it. My son said, “I hope you’re not going to get drunk on me.” Oh, puleeze! He has never seen me drunk, and with that little bit I was drinking it wasn’t gonna happen. We walked through the Miracle Mile Shops where I bought a few things from Ann Taylor Loft, walked through a hat shop, saw the rain falling from the “sky” and finally began our walk back towards Caesars.

    The misting fans in the Hawaiian Marketplace felt so good. I was thinking they ought to have those at the Hoover Dam. When I later told my husband my bright idea, he said they were low on water at the Hoover Dam so I guess that would not be a good idea after all.

    I parted with my son at the escalator in front of Bally’s. He was tired of walking and went back to the room with my bags. I went to Bill’s and played Bier Haus (I love this game although I can never get a super big win) and drank a draft Coors Light, won $20 and then lost $40 on a Wizard of Oz game, got a draft Coors Light. I moved on and played Buffalo and a couple other games in Margaritaville and drank a Bud Light. I went to Harrah’s where my husband was playing cards and played some penny machines by the Total Rewards desk, drinking a couple of Bud Lights. I walked by my husband who had been playing all day on that table, and in the few minutes I was there, he lost his last $100. He says I’m his bad luck. I feel the same way about him.

    Neither my husband nor I were thrilled about going to eat at the Rainforest Cafe, but we went for my son. Son met us by the Bellagio shops and we walked through Bellagio to the free tram, this time getting off at the Monte Carlo. We got lost in there, walking up and down until we finally found the way out the front door and went over to the Grand Canyon store, walked right through it and into the side door at MGM, as we did earlier.

    At the Rainforest Cafe, my husband got a hamburger and fries, I got a chicken salad on croissant and my son got the $20.00 rotisserie chicken with french fries and broccoli. We used my husband’s M Life card so he only had to pay $10 in cash. Of course, my son got full before he even touched the chicken breast, so I took that and picked some meat off of it and my husband ate some of the fries. I found that restaurant to be overpriced. It would have probably been more enjoyable if I had smaller kids because when the animals come to life and start making noises, the kids love that. To me, it was a bunch of noise.

    We caught the tram back to the Bellagio (I noticed the sign in front of the Monte Carlo when we finally found our wsu out of there, so at least we knew how to get back in) and my husband left us to go pick up money he won on a baseball bet at Harrah’s. My son and I walked across to Paris to ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I used an ACG coupon. On the way across the bridge, there were three drunk guys sitting against the wall and kinda close to them was a Kermit with a tip jar. My son stopped and I started walking fast and told him to come on. I didn’t realize he decided to take a picture because I was already at the top of the escalator waiting for him. He took the picture, but didn’t know he was supposed to leave a tip. I heard some drunk guy’s voice yelling, “Hey!! Hey!!” although I couldn’t see him, and I wonder if he was yelling at my son for taking a picture with no tip. My son said he heard a guy yelling but he didn't know why. We waited in line about 35 minutes before getting on the elevator to go up the Eiffel Tower. I thought the area up there would be so much bigger to walk around, but it’s really small. It was neat to see the lights from up there, but I could have done without. I texted my husband our Southwest confirmation number to get someone in check-in to print our B (ugh) Southwest boarding passes (I had checked in using my cell phone this morning), so he got those printed for us.

    After the Eiffel Tower, we walked back across to Bellagio (Kermit and the drunk guys were gone) to see the fountain show. “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” was playing. On the way, going up the escalator in front of Bally’s, we saw that street dancer guy with the red hair (Turf) from America’s Got Talent dancing on the sidewalk for tips.

    My son went to the room at Caesars and I met my husband. We played video poker at the bar for a little while. I was sooooo tired, wanting to go to bed, but my husband was drinking his Grand Marnier, wanting to make the most out of our last night in Vegas. We then played some penny games and won $200. We put back about $40 in Buffalo. I love the Buffalo game. It can so quickly take your money but just one good spin and it can give you something good. We finally went up to the room around 2:30 a.m., knowing we needed to be up by 7:00 a.m.

    Friday, Sept. 7
    Awwww, time to go home. I woke up before the alarm clock, worrying that we were going to be running late to the airport and be the last ones on the plane (since we didn’t have reserved seats). I was also thinking I was going to get to the rental car and see it bashed in (whew, nothing was wrong with it though!). I also needed to get gas. I don’t like to leave this early, but we didn’t want to get home too late.

    When I returned the car, the guy who checked out the car was unable to print my receipt so I went to the booth in the garage to get the receipt just in case that was a sneaky way of charging me more without my knowing, but the amount was correct. Yes, I became paranoid. My husband and I agree – next time we will pay more money and use another car rental place to avoid the stress. Lesson learned.

    We made it to the airport with plenty of time. I got patted down because my shirt was too sparkly. My husband had two bottles of water in his suitcase he had forgotten about so he was pulled to the side to get those out. Our plane was on time and we landed in New Orleans about 15 minutes early.

    Overall, although we ended up spending more money than we wanted, we had a great time. Time goes by so fast in Vegas. It was stressful at times with my son, but this was his vacation too so I wanted him enjoy it. As stressful as it may be now, I know will look back and enjoy the memories.

    I told my son next time we go out to eat, I’m going to pack him a sandwich for his meal because he wastes too much food! I think he got filled up on too many gummy bears and sunflower seeds.

    Things I wanted to do but did not get to do: go to the Mob Museum, see my son ride the zip line downtown, go to the Cosmopolitan to get our $15 Zappo’s cards, go to Apothecary and buy the “Essence di Palazzo” spray for my house, eat at Grimaldi's pizza in the Palazzo shops, visit the "secret" pizza place at the Cosmopolitan, get some drinks in any of the diamond lounges, play three card poker. My husband is ready for just the two of us to go back before the year is over so we can drink more and relax. We'll see. . .

    Pictures below, in order: Me and hub on Caesars walkway, nice win on (I think) Great Eagle, son at Hoover Dam, me and Penn Jillette, me playing at Palazzo, Kermit, those tornado things at Crystals, son sitting on bench in elevator in Mandarin Oriental, bathroom on 23rd floor in Mandarin Oriental

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  2. richardinbc

    richardinbc Low-Roller

    Oct 29, 2002
    Mission B.C.
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report, thanks
  3. luvvp

    luvvp Tourist

    Sep 19, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sounds like fun times were had by all.

    You're a great Mom to understand it wasn't all about you, making sure your son had an enjoyable time too.

    We've gone to Rainforest Cafe at Disneyland and the food was average at best. Just another over priced tourist restaurant. There's one in S.F., closer to where we live but one time was enough for us.

    Thanks for the tr and hope you and your husband make it back before the end of the year.

    *If you're Diamond, isn't it free to go up the Eiffel Tower. I haven't stayed at Paris recently but I thought it was free for Diamond.

  4. flabola

    flabola Tourist

    Apr 17, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks y'all. I had no clue diamond could get in the Eiffel Tower for free. I would have been making sure I took advantage of that!
  5. JosieCat

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    Dec 10, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Very nice TR and pictures. Thanks for posting.
  6. VegasGarden

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    Dec 2, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Well done. Thank you
  7. amjacob

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    Mar 11, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I enjoyed your TR. It was very thorough.
  8. dizidezi

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    Jul 26, 2002
    Long Island, New York
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    Thanks for taking the time with an interesting and detailed report. I've been back to work 2 weeks now from our trip and reading your report has me feeling as if I just returned. Hope your son enjoyed the stop at Hoover Dam. We too enjoy the Orleans and spend time gambling there regardless of which hotel we stay in. I usually rent from Dollar and also check the rates often. Always have a good outcome with them. Thanks again, it was an enjoyable read.
  9. LaRae

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    Oct 8, 2010
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    Hope you get to go back with the hub yet this year. Kill him if he doesn't learn to shut the hotel door. :nono: Scary! You are lucky you didn't wake up with more than 3 people in your room. Thanks for posting!
  10. gongoman

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    Apr 21, 2012
    Long Beach,In
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    Thanks for report:beer::beer:
  11. Dpin300

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    Jul 23, 2012
    Las Vegas
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    Thanks for sharing
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