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8/5-8/7 JW Marriott & 8/7-8/10 Encore Trip Report

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by eviliciouz, Aug 20, 2014.

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  1. eviliciouz

    eviliciouz Low-Roller

    Nov 1, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Hi Vegas lovers,

    It's been two weeks since I came back from my recent Las Vegas trip. I went for a convention mix with mini vacation. So instead, I bore you with convention stories, I will just recap them in sections of lodging, dining, transportation, entertainment, and gambling. I am planning to go back for our Anniversary next year in February 2015.I'm having a hard Vegas withdrawals. :rolleyes2:.


    JW Marriott
    The first two days of the convention, it was for team leaders. We stayed there for 2 nights. The best way to go from the Airport to this hotel in Summerlin is to book the towncar through Presidential Limousine. It only cost $56 one way instead of cabbing it which will cost you up to $75 one way.

    The hotel was nice. The room was clean and love the jetted tub that I didn't have a chance to use lol. They have few different options of dining and Starbucks. The only thing that was a turned off, when I got there, they had an issue with their check in system. They told me to came back in one hour or so.

    I came back in one hour, system was back on. They checked me in, but couldn't give me a key because none of the room was cleaned. They said they would call me and surprise surprise they never did. I spent about 2 hours at their casino while my roommate was at the pool She kept texting me about the room situation because she needed to shower. I kept telling her they hadn't called yet. Well, she went to the front desk and they told her I didn't check in yet even though I already did. I was like what?? Very unorganized.

    I like their Rampart casino. During weekdays, most of their patrons were senior citizens. I like it that way even though I'm in my early 30s. Also, it's the only casino during my trip that has the Walking Dead slot machine. I played my $20 without fun bonuses but it was still a fun machine.75 cents for minimum spin. Ouchy!

    Encore Hotel
    For the rest of the convention, we stayed at The Encore because that's where the convention was. The $20 tip trick didn't work here which was fine because we got a pretty nice room. I did my research and requested a West facing high floor room. The front desk person almost gave me the room facing the strip and lower floor. I was like ummmm nooooooooooo...I want to be able to sleep. The club noise was pretty bad according to my friends who got the rooms facing the strip.

    My husband joined me for the rest of the convention, so we got a King bed room on the 36th floor. It was a nice room with a separate living room. This was our first time staying at Encore and we were pretty happy with the room. The bed was so comfy too.

    The only complaint, looooooooooooooooooong walk to the Encore ballroom. Lol.


    When I was staying at JW Marriott, I booked Presidential Limo to go to the strip on Wednesday night because JW's shuttle service is almost non existent after 5 pm on weekdays. It was only $45 one way to use Presidential Limo. Like always, their drivers are super nice

    We took a cab twice. Once to go to Cosmopolitan on Friday night from Encore and pretty sure, the driver took us the long way to get there. $17 one way which was the same amount as when we took the cab to the airport on Sunday.


    * The cafe at JW Marriott - they have great prices for sandwiches. I had a half sandwich and bowl of soup which only cost me $9. This would be my cheapest meal during the whole trip.

    * Nine Fine Irishmen @ New York New York
    My girlfriends and I came here before our Thunder Down Under show on Wednesday night. We weren't that hungry so we ordered 4 different appetizers and shared them. We got Nachos, Onion Rings, The cheese dip, and Crab Cakes. We got to seat outside. We loved it! This was my second time here and I truly love their food and service. Our waiter was funny and always checked on us.

    * Wazuzu @ Encore
    Love the food here. We got shu mai, curry, and fried rice. My hubby and I split them. Everything were wonderful. Service was kind of abrasive, but then again food was excellent. $52 for lunch for two people.

    * The Buffet @ Wynn
    We had our team dinner here. Food was good. However, Wicked Spoon & Bacchanal easily beat this buffet. I wish they have more seafood and more variety. Dessert section was pretty impressive, but Wicked Spoon and Bacchanal still have the upper hands especially for about the same price (more for Bacchanal).

    * Red 8 @ Wynn
    Yes I was craving Asian food the whole trip because I had sandwiches almost everyday during the convention session. We had the noodles here. Hubby had the Dan Dan & I have the pork noodle. We also got one Bubble tea to share. Noodles were ok. I like Wazuzu better. $46 for dinner for two.

    * Wicked Spoon Buffet @ Cosmopolitan
    My favorite buffet. We had our wedding reception here last year and of course I wanted dinner here for my birthday. Everything were amazing. I love their cold sections and dessert. It's still my favorite buffet in Vegas.

    * The hotel lobby cafe & bar @ Encore
    We had breakfast everyday here and they have the best croissants. Pretty spendy breakfast everyday about $30 ish for two people, but hey we are in Vegas!

    * Zoozoocrackers Deli @ Wynn
    Great turkey sammich. I love this deli!


    * Thunder Down Under
    My girlfriends and I went to see Thunder Down Under on Wednesday night. Well, I wasn't very impressed before the show, but after the show I was a believer lol. The show was so fun. Great songs, fun dance moves, those guys are amazing too! They are so nice to all the ladies. From the 21 year olds, bachelorettes, to grandmas in their 70s (we have some of those ladies in the crowd).

    We laughed so hard and had a fantastic time. We even took pictures with the guys and somehow bought matching t-shirts of Sydney Fire department. Yes we love the fireman!

    * High Roller Ferris Wheel

    We bought a groupon for the High Roller. $35 for two people including half price for pictures, drinks, etc. It was an annoying process to redeem the groupon. There was no sign on how we need to do it. We walked in and the guy told us to checked with the front desk. Stood in line and when it was our turn they told us we need to checked in two doors down at LiNQ Concierge.

    We walked there, gave the unfriendly lady our groupon and got our tickets. Walked back and waited in line AGAIN to be check in with the front desk. Then finally we could get in. I really wish they have a sign!

    The High Roller itself was a cool ferris wheel. Big pods and provide great views. However, there was no music inside the pod. All I heard was people talking, snapping pictures and everybody was trying to get to the left corner side so they could see the strip view.

    It was fun to do once. I don't think we will ride it again.

    We love the LINQ district tho. Great restaurants are there and also Sprinkle Cupcakes! We would love to try that next time.


    I am a slot machine player and enjoy fun machines. This trip was mainly for business, so I didn't have that much time gambling. Rampart casino has fun machines. The Walking Dead and also the little green men were fun to play.

    I won $185 from the Hangover machine at Encore. I hit two Progressive, the Doug & The Phil progressives. It was pretty epic for my low roller self.

    I also got to play Grease machines (love those), the newish Sex and The city, and Back to The Future at Wynn. Fun machines!

    At Venetian, I was trying to press my luck on my whammy machine, but no bonus rounds :(. I also tried the Adam West batman machine and that just sucked my $20. Same with the new Clue machine. So no luck at the Venetian.

    At Cosmopolitan, I had luck with I love Lucy machine. It kept giving me fun bonuses and I was up playing it.

    We walked through The Cromwell and it was a nice place. I think they did a great job with the remodeling.

    Overall, I had a great time in Vegas and looking forward to our next trip. It was a first time staying at the North side of the strip, I think I prefer the south side. So next trip we might stay at one of the M Life properties. Viva Las Vegas!
  2. Electroguy563

    Electroguy563 Over-Fried Gambler

    Apr 26, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the trip report! Looks like you managed to mix business with pleasure! I would have been pissed about that check-in fiasco at the JW Marriott.
  3. bshowell

    bshowell VIP Whale

    Oct 3, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report. Fellow Thunder lover over here. We go at least once a trip.
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