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3/29-3/31 Mandalay Bay

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by DoubleUp, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. DoubleUp

    DoubleUp Low-Roller

    Jan 16, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Wife and I stayed at Mandalay Bay for the first time this last weekend. I really liked staying there! For us, we have a lot of friends who live in Las Vegas from when we used to live there, and the Mandalay Bay is perfect because it is so easy to get to and from. Something like the Green Valley Ranch is another option, but there is definitely more to do on the "south strip" then over at GVR.

    Day1: Arrive at airport, get rental car (we needed on this trip to visit people, even so I think we would have saved money by cabbing it to our friends, or begging more for rides!) , go to Mandalay Bay. This is Saturday, and march madness is in full swing, and also tonight "Il Divo" is playing. So the place is mobbed. The valet was full (except to hotel guests, so no issue there). A friend that was meeting us said they had to drive around the garage for 20 minutes hunting for a space!

    We went first to MLife to cash in on a couple of MyVegas 'awards'. We only had a couple to redeem. Margarita at Taco's and Tequila and the buffet for Monday morning. It turns out you have to go over the Luxor to redeem a reward for that property, so we then went over to the Luxor's Mlife and then finally got our Margarita's and some taco's to boot. The Margarita's were too sweet, but the Taco's where great.

    After that it was time to head over to the Palms and see our favorite local Vegas Rock band "The Sin City Sinners". These guys always put on a great show! We have gotten to know the band well over the years, especially guitarist Brent Muscat (of Faster Pussycat). I used to take lessons from him, but that's another story! Suffice it to say, i need a lot more lessons, but not his fault. :eek: During the breaks the craps table is just outside the door. So of course we had to play a bit of dice ($10 tables at the Palms on saturday night, in case anyone's wondering. )

    After the show, it's back to MB for further early morning gambling, mostly craps at $15 minimum table. It was surprisingly busy for 2 am ! Three tables going strong. I mostly played a conservative strategy: Pass line with 2x odds and a come bet or place bet. Won about $100 before calling it a night. Mostly I pulled ahead when this guy kept rolling tens and my friend and I had bought it for $25. MB charges vig on wins only btw.

    Next morning I discovered it is really hard to sleep in at the MB! The hotel gets noisy around 8 am on Sunday with people taking showers, etc. I need to bring earplugs next time, sometimes I get into a mood where any noise keeps me up!

    Day2: This day was spent mostly visiting local people we know (getting some use out of the rental car!). It turned out that Rock and Roll Fantasy camp was going on at the MB, and our friend Brent (mentioned above) was workign as a "camp counseller", so he was able to meet us for dinner at Mizurka(sp?) for sushi and we got to meet the band he was coaching. This led to us going over to the House of Blues and watching the camp bands play. They were pretty good for amateurs! However this meant we didn't get back to the craps tables until around 11 PM.

    At that point, there were four tables active at the MB. Three of them were $25 minimum, and the other was $15. The $15 table was two deep, but I was surprised by the amount of people playing $25 craps ! Then I took a closer look. They were all playing $15! They must have been all grandfathered in.

    So we went over to the Luxor in search of games and found two $10 tables packed and going strong. We managed to squeeze in when a group of 20 something saggers (people still do this that are old enough to gamble?) decided to go do something else. This table was pretty fun, and although my turn to shoot was terrible, my friend got on a quite a roll and I ended up for the night.

    One incident worth noting: In the middle of his roll, a 24 year old girl and her husband showed up. She was extremely intoxicated! She stumbled over to stickman and asked if they could find a spot for her at the table. He pointed right over to my right between me and the dealer. So over she stumbles, and starts in on how she is so drunk that she got "69'd" from the club she was at. This got a good laugh of course :) With her husband's help , she managed to buy in not be too much of a nuisance, even though she kept wanting to shoot the dice and offered to flash anyone that would trade spots! Fortunately (?) no one took her up on that offer. It was a good thing that her husband wasn't too drunk to look after her! Anyway, after that, cashed out and went to bed.

    Day 3: Got up, ate our free buffet (it was "meh") and heading home!

  2. tringlomane

    tringlomane STP Addicted Beer Snob

    Jan 21, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    This is a gem! Thanks for sharing!
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