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15th Anniversary Trip! Almost my first Royal!

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by bighouse304, Aug 14, 2014.

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  1. bighouse304

    bighouse304 Low-Roller

    Jul 14, 2012
    Plainfield, IL
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    012e1cecf790540a55dedb4a301bd72bbb7a6a8f7a.jpg 01beadc39965fefd73009571143c46b3b09b5052bb.jpg The wife and I decided to take advantage of a 5 night comp offer at Planet Hollywood and went out Aug 6th thru Aug 11th to celebrate our 15th anniversary! Flight from Chicago O'Hare was pretty uneventful and we arrived at LAS around 10PM. Took the shuttle over to car rental pickup. We took advantage of the Thrifty $100/wk deal that I found on this board. Got over to the Thrifty area and there had to be at least 20 plus people waiting in line for either Thrifty or Dollar rental cars. Even worse, there were only TWO employees. After nearly an hour wait, I FINALLY received our vehicle! Went out to pick a car and we were met by an employee whom I asked very eagerly to find me "one of the nicest cars they have" in hopes that he'd let us take a higher level vehicle. I was prepared to tip him and made this obvious to him, however, no dice. He unenthusiastically points to a vehicle I’m standing next to (in the same class) so I slide the cash back in my pocket and thank him.

    Check in at PH was a breeze. Slid the clerk a $20 and asked from something beautiful for our anniversary, put us on the 38th floor facing the fountains, I'll take it! Threw the bags in the room and our first Vegas stop no matter where we stay is Carnegie's Deli in the Mirage. Hoofed it to the Mirage to enjoy a late dinner. We both had grilled cheese (we're both vegetarians) and fries. After dinner, back to PH for gambling. I normally only play craps, but I ended up playing a lot more slots and VP. We played with no substantial wins until about 3 AM to end night #1!

    I was back up at 6:30AM on day#2 to head down for some craps while wife sleeps in. Headed to the craps table and played for nearly 3 hours. Had some bad hits early, but was able to claw myself back to nearly even. Consumed numerous Red Bull/Vodkas (my Vegas drink) while playing and I was feeling fine by 10 AM. I walked around the casino floor a bit and found myself at the sports book bar where I decided to play some bar top VP. Bartender was nice and chatted it up while I played and drank. I don't play bar top very often, but I was very surprised during this trip how many bartenders didn't seem to care how many credits I was playing. Only once did I have a bartender remind me to play at least 4 credits on VP. Right before going back to the room to get the wife, I slow played video keno (yes, video keno) to snag a drink or two more and actually had a hit for $120! Hell I wasn't even paying attention half of the time, just smacking the button! Got the wife and we went for lunch at Grand Lux at the Venetian where I got my FAVORITE long island ice tea in Vegas! ;) Picked up our tickets for Absinthe on the way back to PH and hung out at the pool at PH until the early evening. I enjoyed the 21+ Pleasure Pool, however holy concrete jungle of a pool!!!!! Sheesh!
    Our anniversary dinner was at Bartoletta at the Wynn. We were seated outside around the koi pond and it was beautiful! Wife and I are both vegetarians, so we loved the separated vegetarian menu! It was delicious! That night we saw Absinthe. Not too many changes since we saw it last, but still a great show! After the show we gambled in the Cromwell, Paris and PH. Back to the room around 3:30AM.

    Day #3 and I’m back at a PH craps table by 7AM while wife sleeps in. Again, nothing real significant as far as wins go. I play the exact same way every time and practice money management so when I do lose, it’s not my pants! The dealers were exceptional! Especially Bob, Jim and Dr Jim! They were working every morning of my stay and they provided great service. It was nice to be greeted by first name when I approached the table and they remembered my style of play placing my bets for me. They made the game and I tipped them graciously. This morning, there was a guy at the table (clearly drunk) that was absolutely verbally abusing the crew. Crew was patient with him and I was surprised the boss let this persist as long as it did. Once he realized he would lose, he argued every time that he told the dealer that his bets were “off” immediately before the throw (which is BS, I was right next to him and didn’t hear that!) After a couple tries at that, he got the tap on the shoulder and he left without any resistance.
    Lunch today was at Serendipity 3 at Caesar’s. Had a HUGE veggie burger and a large sundae for desert! It was delicious and we thought the place held a nice atmosphere! After lunch headed back to the pool, where the wife napped and I drank my way through a bucket of miller lites ;)
    Went to dinner at Battista’s to see Gordie! We’re well aware that one could probably get better Italian food in a food court, but it’s a tradition for us to come here and see Gordie! After dinner, we checked out LOVE at the Mirage thanks to MyVegas comps and we really both loved it. Neither of us are huge Beatles fans, but it really was an enjoyable show! After that we gambled the rest of the night at the Mirage. Wife had a $450 win on a WOF type slot machine!
    Day#4 started like all the others! Back down early to see my fav craps crew while wife slept! Finally got on to a couple nice rolls, and even it a 5 number fire bet! Little old man rolled for nearly 40 minutes and made us (and the dealers) lots of $$! The table was electric on EVERY throw! I NEVER play the fire bet, but I was already up nicely from a previous roll so what hell! So glad I did! Bought in with $400 and left with around $1300! Great morning! Wife came down and we had lunch at Spice market on comp passes. It was a delicious meal! After lunch, we rode the high roller wheel at the Linq on the Living Social deal. It was a nice ride! Surprised how unbelievably dead it was. After that, back to the pool again for resting/drinking! That night we went to see Frank Marino’s Divas at the Quad on comp tickets. This is a MUST for the wife as she loves this show. I’ll admit, it is pretty entertaining and every time we go the house is packed ! We did a late night dinner at the Sugar Factory at the Paris and gambled there as well. It was around 2AM and the crew at my craps table were like robot zombies. Barely said anything and just did their job. I colored up quick after a small win. Poor atmosphere in this place if you ask me!

    Day #6 – More morning craps with my favorite crew! Had a nice little $300 win after a few hours! I played some VP while waiting for the wife and I found myself ONE card away from my very first royal! UGH!!!! Hopped around the casino, drinking and playing for a little while. Wife and I headed out to Red Rock Casino for their buffet and she likes to play Bingo (sigh) Buffet was tasty but the Bingo was not profitable LOL From there we drove back to NYNY to use my MyVegas $50 drink comp. It was only 6-7PM when we got there so Time Square Bar was dead, so we decided to sit at the bar. Our bartender was Marcos and was very personable! We chatted with him and played a little VP . He let us order food on the comp so we had nachos. I’ve read on here before that people were let down by the number of drinks they received on the comp, but we couldn’t complain. I had 4 beers, she had 1 soda, 2 amaretto stone sours, nachos and we both had a jello shot. The comp was fine by us!
    The rest of the evening, we drove downtown to see the “sights” and played at the Nugget, Binion’s and Plaza with no real action to speak of. Stopped at the Peppermill for 2AM breakfast on the way back to PH! Meal was nice until some guy vomited on the floor by the entry doors! YUCK!
    The last day, I got up extra early for one last craps session and it didn’t go terribly well! Prior to checkout, talked to a host who took care of our resort fees for the trip. We’ll take it! We’re not huge rollers, probably risking $500-1000/day.
    All in all, the PH wasn’t really the nicest place to stay (a lot of Alladin reminders in our room – sink handles, etc) but I really truly enjoyed the service of the casino employees. Dealers, bosses, cocktail waitresses. They were SUPERB! Our next trip probably will be to another CET property, but I’ll be gambling at PH! Thanks for reading, sorry it was so long!
  2. tringlomane

    tringlomane STP Addicted Beer Snob

    Jan 21, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Good report! It annoys me that you were told to bet at least 4 credits by the bartender. In VP, only a true idiot bets 4 credits. Max (of course) or 1 credit are your best choices based on your goals. I typically bet max if the bartender is getting me a drink. Otherwise, I typically min bet. Most strip bartops have crappy paytables and would rather save max bet quarters for elsewhere.
    Last Hurrah! Excuse to visit Mandalay Bay's Pool!
  3. Jordan

    Jordan Caveman

    Sep 20, 2013
    Halifax, Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Good report there fella, I agree about the vibe at the Craps tables at Paris....I was there for 8 days, and I LOVE craps, but hardly played there cause of the dealers...so I played BJ instead!!!
  4. Mario's Backroom

    Mario's Backroom Low-Roller

    Dec 8, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report! Thanks for sharing...you do Vegas right! Totally agree about Battista's. Food is "good", but the atmosphere is why you're there! Happy Anniversary and congrats on the Fire Bet win! :beer:
    Cousin's 10 year 40th Birthday Reunion - Happy 50th, Tim!
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