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12/6: Hollywood Casino in Charles Town, WV

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by StingerHook, Dec 8, 2014.

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  1. StingerHook

    StingerHook Low-Roller

    May 20, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    A buddy of mine & I were in the Charles Town area Saturday afternoon, so we decided to pop into Hollywood Casino for a quick session. He's played here many times before, but it was my first time so he took some time to show me around. Lots of tables, lots of slots, lots of people smoking. Layout-wise, this place was a little difficult to navigate for me. I much prefer a wide-open format where I can see everything easily and make a choice from there. Hollywood felt like it had some weird hallways/side-room set-ups that just didn't feel right. There were also no signs (well, there might be, but I didn't see any) to show groups of slots at the same level of play, so if you've got a particular machine you want to play at $.25, you could be looking for a while.

    We looked for a blackjack table to start playing on - table limits were mostly $10 or $15 with a few $25 tables as well. Unable to find a situation that looked inviting (well, we did try to sit down at one table, but the players and the dealer acted like we were speaking in a foreign language when we asked if we could sit down - there wasn't a sign prohibiting mid-shoe entry, so who knows what was going on...), I found a three-card poker table open, bought in for $100 and played at a $10 Ante with nothing on Pair Plus. Of course, that came back to bite me as I was dealt a straight flush on my 4th hand with nothing on Pair Plus, missing out on at least $200. EFFFFFF.

    My stack lasted about an hour at this table - could never get my pile higher than $120 or $130, so I never considered grabbing my winnings and running. Our dealers were two young guys that were very pleasant to play with.

    My buddy had found a BJ table and I found him after leaving my three-card spot. He was essentially even for his session, and since I wasn't really itching to jump on another table we decided to hit the road.

    Overall impression - not blown away by the place, but it's not a dump by any means, either. Reviews I read previously indicated that it would be super-smoky, but I didn't think it was that bad. Cocktails are not comped (don't think beer is, either - I didn't ask to find out) and we only had one waitress stop by our three-card table once during my approximate hour of play. They do have free self-serve soft-drinks though, so I guess if you wanted to bring airplane bottles in with you, you might be able to get something going...

    I can definitely see myself coming back again in the future, since it's only about a 1.5 hr drive for me. However, I would like to check out some of the other options in the DC area (and look forward to seeing MGM's National Harbor place open up in a couple of years) as well. For now, though, it's $-hoarding time to get some funds ready for my January Vegas trip.
Thread Status:
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