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1/16 to 1/20, including Wanker's slot pull meet up

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Dutch34, Jan 22, 2016.

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  1. Dutch34

    Dutch34 Low-Roller

    Sep 27, 2009
    Brookfield, MO
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Hi All,

    I'm not going to write a formal trip summary, as I didn't take a lot of pictures this trip. As a backdrop however, it was myself (Dave) and my fiancee (Sarah)...4 nights comp'd at Cosmo. I'm Platinum with Marriott so I used that for check-in and requested an upgrade. I forget what they called it, and it was mentioned on here once so I knew about it, but it was a 2 bathroom, 1 bed, overlooking Bellagio fountains...room was 2735 if that matters. Great room as always. Room was located right off first bank of elevators as you drop off at Valet / Taxi.

    We didn't rent a car this trip and decided to try Uber. I will detail those trips so that you can make your own mind up about it. For the most part, amazing experience, save for one bad apple (more on that later). Pick up at the airport was a breeze, and fare to the Cosmo was $12.09 on a Saturday afternoon. After checking in and getting settled around 2pm, we needed food and wanted to watch the Pats / Chiefs game, so we headed over to Blondie's at PH. We managed one seat at the end of the bar in the back, so I just stood, and we chowed and watched the game. Great atmosphere. Amazed at how busy every place was during the games. Should have expected that. Tried Twin Peaks first and they wanted $50 minimum per person during the game. Normally okay, but having just arrived and with 4 days in front of us, we opted against that.

    Got cleaned up and rested, and then ready for Wanker's slot pull. Since we met in the Chandelier bar, we had to try a Verbena. Very interesting to say the least. I'm NOT a tequila guy (bad experience 25 years ago still turns my stomach), but I went along for the ride. Didn't finish the drink, but enjoyed the experience. During the ordering of said drink, we met a couple that was there for the pull. Started chatting with them and had a most pleasant conversation. Eventually got around to where we were from, etc....turns out Tdlbucs and I grew up about 5 miles apart in very small towns right on the PA / MD border. Just insane the amount of people we knew, places we've been. Great, great folks...really a highlight of the trip getting to meet them. You all have heard about the pull itself.... a total dud, but no ones fault. Amazing to put that together and all the credit in the world goes to Wanker for being brave enough to take on that endeavor. Kudos to you, sir.

    We're HUGE Steelers fans, so Sunday we hit a place on Flamingo called Noreen's. It's a Steelers bar. Total dive. Smokey, crowded....totally packed with Steelers fans, and totally awesome. We got the last few seats there (just literally sit amongst the crowd, all crammed front to back, side to side). Great crowd, free nachos and popcorn and VERY reasonable prices. I think it was $13 for a bucket of 5 beers. Got 2 buckets and a few jello shots...spent $35 total, maybe...Not the result we wanted in the game, but a blast nonetheless. Took Uber out there for $11.04 and $13.52 back to Bellagio (for some yummy snacks). After that we hustled to clean up and go see Love. Great as always.

    Monday, we decided to head downtown after an awesome massage up past Palms (again, Uber there was $9.77). Hopped on expressway and there was a terrible accident. Like, just sitting there...no movement. Decided spur of the moment to cancel that plan, looked on Yelp and other sites quickly and went with seeing a 4:00 show at Bally's....Paranormal hypnosis starring Frederic Da Silva. There's all kind of discount tickets available online. We thought the box office would be similar, so when we got there (around 3pm), their prices were double what we saw online. Told them as much, and they said they couldn't honor or match the prices. How stupid....so we went online, ordered them and picked them up minutes later. I mean really....I'm there. I'm willing to give you the money directly...but instead they now have to pay a broker fee....silly. However, the show......the show was AMAZING. INCREDIBLE. Seriously. how this guy does what he does still has me scratching my head. For instance, two complete strangers, shown a card with instructions, sitting across stage from one another...he's going to get them to write the same number (instructions were to think of a number between 1-99 and write it down so no one could see it). They did, and they both wrote down 37. Stuff like that, but much more interesting that what I can describe. I was a volunteer and he had me think of a person's name... and he was going to spell out who I was thinking of. So...I chose my son's name, which is pretty unique. He not only guessed it, but he told me he has a neat birthday (which he does). There is NO WAY he could have known this. He's a July 4th baby (10 years old)...just blown away, as I was a random volunteer. Crazy crazy....

    Finally made it downtown after an awesome late dinner at Tao. We went with 2 rolls, pad thai, green beans and the miso sea bass. My God the sea bass is the most amazing thing I've ever had. Literally melts in your mouth. $38 for a generous portion that we shared. Downtown we bounced around and ended up at Fremont playing $5 double deck pitch until 5am. Sarah got a little crazy and bumped her bet to $10 at times (she's the lowest of low rollers and doesn't really gamble), but we had a great table and one particularly funny dealer named Jun. We were giving him crap and he'd give it right back in a fun way...he should be dealing on the strip somewhere. Lots of fun. Lots of Red Bulls and vodkas...slept til Noon the next day. Went traditional Cab route from Venetian to downtown as well as downtown back to Cosmo. Details fuzzy, but to this point, certainly more expensive than what we experienced with Uber. ($27 from downtown rings a bell, plus tip...so $33 to $35??)

    Last full day, we finally get up and decide to try a place called Lockdown. New to us, it's an Escape Room game. You get 'locked' into a room and you have to find clues to solve a mystery at the end of the game. You have one hour to finish, and you're allowed to ask for 3 hints via provided walkie-talkies. We went with the Mafia Boss room. Basically, the boss has a snitch in his unit and you have to figure out who it is. You start in the first room which is essentially an Italian kitchen. Clues about lead to numbers (codes) which unlock a door to another room. First room had two padlocks- a 3 digit code was needed as was a a 4 digit code for both padlocks. From there the next room had 3 padlocks, which lead to the final room where clues lead you to 2 or 3 more padlocks... and where you had to figure out who was the rat. Apparently there's only a 35% success rate with getting all the way done and figuring it out. We got to the end and were able to make a selection, but in the end we just didn't have enough time to figure out 'who done it'. For $35 per person, it was a great, great time. I think you can go in groups of 8, so obviously more hands on deck, but you'd have to communicate well to get done successfully. Highly recommended and have since found there are many of these places throughout the US. We're hooked. Will be trying them in KC and STL.

    So here's the interesting part of Uber. We decided to head back downtown since she wanted some more cheap gamble (we know we could have hit MC or TI or whatever, but we had fun downtown, so we went with it). Hailed an Uber and it said it was a surge period, whereby we were going to be charged 2.6 times the regular rate. Ok, fair enough...I typed in a destination of 1 Fremont St thinking it was downtown (Fremont St Experience). Driver didn't question destination, which again, I fully admit was wrong. He was a "VIP host' at a club....VERY full of himself...playing Rap music so loud my liver was quivering, playing air guitar...was awful. So as we're driving, I finally question where we're going, as we're pretty much going into the 'hood. And if you see us (look at our profile pic), this is not a place where we're likely headed. Get straightened out finally and he realizes, of course, he thought we meant FSE, but didn't question it. Anyway, long story, we arrive and the fare.....from basically behind Bellagio....8.5 miles and 36 minutes of pure hell.....$116.77

    As soon as I saw that I went ballistic. I knew it would be more. Fully signed on for that. I immediately wrote Uber and they rather quickly dropped my charge to $57.78. Still high, but I knew this...(and hailing a cab from Lockdown was going to take a bit). That really set the tone for the stay downtown. It was a rainy yucky day and we played a bit and that was that. Took a cab back (for $27) and rested before an amazing dinner and Jaleo in Comso. I can't recommend this place enough. Everything was off the charts good...means nothing without pictures, but trust me...tummy is still happy.

    So, a bit different trip. But so, so fun. Gambling was terrible. I had one session where I was up $1,000 playing BJ and I did hit #23 at roulette for a nice $1,750 hit, but in between were too many losses to overcome. Down enough to question my rate of play in the future, but I say that now with the sting of a loss still fresh in my mind (and viewing the bank account). Drank way too much, stayed up way too late, indulged in tremendous, expensive meals, spent way too much money.... and we're already planning the next trip.
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    TIMSPEED Too young, Too poor, Too addicted.

    Aug 8, 2013
    Modesto, CA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    pics or it didn't happen :evillaugh
    EDIT: You straight got molested on that Uber...We took it from Rio to Downtown Grand, and it was $11...
    Even from Rio to getting TUNNELED to LAS, was $25.
    Palace Tower Suite!
    Thanks CreditKarma!
  3. casinokid68

    casinokid68 Low-Roller

    Sep 25, 2013
    brooklyn, ny
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the report!! Sounds like you had an amazing time in Vegas, outside of that Uber ride downtown. My relatives just got back from Vegas, and they also saw that Paranormal show at Bally's, and they were amazed as well. They told me about that card trick also. Thanks again!!! Next trip will be a winning one for you!!!
  4. wanker751

    wanker751 Dutch Rudder Enthusiast

    Sep 23, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report, was nice meeting up with you at the slot pull.

    Man that Uber sounded like nightmare sucks but at least you got some sort of a refund. I hate getting all pissed off like that, usually takes me a while to come back down.
    Downtown - Wanker Returns after baby!
    Wanker Returns After Baby
  5. RockyBalboa

    RockyBalboa VIP Whale

    Jan 24, 2010
    Houston by way of Philadelphia
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report - thanks for sharing!

    I too have also had bad experiences with tequila and the thought or smell of it now sours my stomach!
  6. jpw711

    jpw711 VIP Whale

    Mar 10, 2009
    Southwest Missouri
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report. Yep, Brookfield is a looooonnnnng way from the hood. I don't blame you for going ballistic on the uber driver.
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  7. tringlomane

    tringlomane STP Addicted Beer Snob

    Jan 21, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report! Sounds like you mostly had a great time! That last uber sounded disastrous though. I think most times if the price surges, then just getting a cab is cheaper. Definitely if it's 2.8x.
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